Tomica Honda Civic Type R (FK8) Diecast

The Tomica FK8 Civic Type R is one of the most anticipated Tomica models released this year.

They are available in white and red color. The latter is being the ‘First Released Limited Edition’ model.


The front has black grille, LED headlights, wide lower intakes for intercooler and aluminium lightweight hood with scoop.


Front top view showing the aggressive aerodynamic appendages. Nice tampo Honda emblem on the front.


Side view. The real FK8’s body is the same as the standard Civic Hatchback but with a wider front and rear fender flares to cover the wider track.


The rear has an aggressive designed wing mounted hatchback’s silhouette and a triple-pipe center exhaust.


Top rear view. The fins at the edge of the roof function as vortex generators to divert air flow across the tail for better downforce.


A close up rear quarter view.


Front quarter view close up.


Both front and rear have nice red tampo Honda Type R emblems.


The base is plastic and “Made in Vietnam”. The real FK8 has a rear independent multi-link setup instead of torsion beam setup, for better handling and stability.


Tomica has captured the spirit of the FK8 and this is certainly valuable for collection.

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