Tomica Honda Civic Type R (FK8, FK2 and FD2R)

Tomica Honda Civic Type R diecasts are definitely a must-have for collectors and Honda enthusiasts.

The road-going ‘Type R’ is the highest performance version of the Civic range made by Honda. The red emblem gives it a special sporting distinction and unique from other Honda models with special tuned engine, upgraded brakes and suspension matched to a tightened and stiffen chassis.


These 1/64 scale model of Tomica Honda Civic Type R series (FK8, FK2 and FD2R) comes with Honda ‘Championship White’ color just like the real cars. From left to right are FK8, FK2 and FD2R.


The FD2R was manufactured in Japan and both the FK2 and FK8 in United Kingdom.


All three have aggressive and sporty front styling with Honda red emblems.


Both the FD2R and FK2 have opening bonnets with engine details but not for the FK8.


This is the side view. All have matte black window sills, side skirts and special dish-type wheels which are exclusively for Tomica sports models.


All three have rear wings with black centerpiece and aggressive rear bumper lower diffusers although not too obvious for the FD2R.


What we like about these models are the red Honda emblems and Type R logos.


Rear quarter view. All Type Rs are totally sporty at every angle.


It will be every Honda enthusiasts’ dreams to own a real Type R in their lifetime.


Video of Tomica Honda Civic Type R comparison!! FK2R VS FK8R! (The Tomica Table):

Source: The Tomica Table


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