2017 Honda Civic Type R FK8 – Another Collectable Diecast?

This year seems to be an eventful year for race cars.

We have covered Camaro-Hot Wheels celebrating its 50th Anniversary with its real ’18 Camaro on sale next year and its limited edition model diecast collectible car release by December this year.

Now, we will cover another eye-catching car not to be missed which is this year’s world’s most powerful and fastest front-wheel drive “hot hatch” ever known – the All-New Honda Civic Type R FK8. It was introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2017, released in US in July 2017, on sale in Japan in September 2017 and launched in Australia in October 2017. On 9th November 2017, Honda Malaysia has officially launched this car and it already has 60 bookings, surpassing its initial target of 30 bookings per month (Full Article can be read here: The Sundaily). So, will this UK-made car catch the attention of many diecast manufacturers to make it as a collectable diecast?

Source: MotorTrend


2017 Honda Civic Type R FK8 Diecast on Sale

By now, there are a few manufacturers putting the Honda Civic Type R FK8 diecast on sale as listed below:

1. Honda Original Dealer Package Limited Edition (1/43 Scale) Display Model (Championship White). It is sold for 11,880 Japanese Yen (approximately US$104) at Honda Official and US$158 at Ebay. It is already sold off and can be seen briefly here: Storemeister. Ebay has proposed a similar item which is by Ebbro.

Source/Pics: Honda Official 


Source/Pics: Ebay


2. Ebbro 1/43 Scale Model (Matt Black). It is sold between US$68 – US$84.99 at Ebay (Matt Black 1) and Ebay (Matt Black 2).

Source/Pics: Ebay


3. TopSpeed Model 1/18 Scale Model (Championship White). This diecast model is still in production. The Right Hand Drive Model is only available in December 2017 while the Left Hand Drive Model will only be available in January 2018. However, it can be pre-ordered at a price tag of US$135.

Source/Pics: Topspeed

Note: The sale price range above is reflected at the time this post is written for the purpose of illustration of range of prices estimated for each model.


My 2016 Honda Civic Type R FK2 Diecast Collection

As I admire the new power car, I am happy that I have owned the 2016 Honda Civic Type R FK2 Hot Wheels (1/64 Scale) as shown in the above picture. I would be happy to add to my collection with the new 2017 Honda Civic Type R FK8. If Hot Wheels is reading my page, it is my biggest hope that Hot Wheels can get it produced before Christmas 2017 but I doubt so with no news in the air at all at the moment. Nevertheless, even if it comes in 2018, I will still look out for it as it will be a nice additional collectible of a powerful car and mini sized just nice to put it next to my FK2.

If anyone is keen on 2015 Honda Civic Type R, you can find it here:

2015 Honda Civic Type R (Black)

2015 Honda Civic Type R (White)


Verdict of FK8 as a Collectable Diecast

After reading the above post, I wonder what does anyone think of FK8 as a collectable diecast? In my opinion, as a winner of the most powerful and fastest production car in the world for 2017, the 2017 Honda Civic Type R FK8 should have its very own collectable diecast. It would be such a shame if a manufacturer goes pass the production without FK8 in its list especially those who had manufactured 2016 Honda Civic Type R FK2 in the past such as Hot Wheels, Tarmac Works and Tomica.

The Honda Dealer Package Official Limited Edition is already sold off. Ebbro and Top Speed Model is at least still available.

Anyone who have owned the real car would also not skip a heart beat to miss the opportunity in owning the miniature car model to display at a cosy corner in their house or even inside their real car. For people like me who doesn’t own the real car is also looking out for small models of 1/64 scale like Hot Wheels and Tomica so that I can add on to my current collection. Otherwise, if I am aiming at the bigger scale diecast models, I will have space and storage problems for all the diecast cars in time to come if I am that crazy enough to continue with all sorts of diecast collectibles for many years to come. Just another thought to share and consider….


You may also like these from AliExpress:

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Mini GT 1:64 Diecast Model for Honda Civic Type R FK8 White (Right Steering Wheel) Mini GT 1:64 Diecast Model for Honda Civic Type R FK8 White (Left Steering Wheel)


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    • Glad you find it helpful! Let me know if you have any favorites that I can share as well.

  1. Collecting die cast miniature cars sounds like a whole lot of fun. It could be a way to own every car I have ever wanted and still have room in my garage! I don’t think you’re crazy to invest in these collectables, especially since the more popular ones could increase in value significantly.

    • Hi Sheila. It is fun. You are always welcome to visit our garage of collections here 🙂

  2. Great article! As an avid modeller (mostly ships and aircraft), I am always excited to see other hobby collectable enthusiasts. Have you been collecting very long or is this a new hobby for you? Also, do you think these diecast cars will increase in value over the years? Again, great article..thank you.

    • Hi, Vic. We have a relative who is an avid modeller of Aircrafts, Helis and Starwarships. It is another fun hobby which he always shares with us as well. We have started collecting these since about 5-6 years ago. It will definitely increase in value especially for those special, rare or limited collections.

  3. very cool website i have two friend that collect all kinds of things and i will be sending them your way this site is awesome I’m even thinking of starting collecting my self and your site has help me make up some ideas of what i might want to get into.

    • Hi, Tommy. Hope you enjoyed the site. We are continuously updating so do come back and check out for more 🙂

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