Acura NSX Diecast

Acura NSX / Honda NSX collections is another one of my favorite performance super cars.

Our latest addition at home is a Fast Lane 1:32 2017 Acura NSX. It has lights and sounds when the door or boot / trunk is opened. The interiors of the car is nearly as much it can follow the real car with the clear exception of leather seats.


The latest collection of Fast Lane 2017 Acura NSX


You can see how close Fast Lane is trying to replicate the real deal. You can explore and admire the real Acura NSX design (plus an interesting video of Acura NSX production / assembly) here: https://nsx.acura.com.

Source: https://nsx.acura.com


If you like a bigger model, you may like the 1:18 Acura NSX Nouvelle Blue Pearl by Top Speed. You can check them out here if you like: 1:18th Acura NSX Nouvelle Blue Pearl (Amazon). Top Speed is a new brand producing entry level 1:18 scale replicas of car models.

1:18th Acura NSX Nouvelle Blue Pearl


I have also found another limited production Acura NSX collectibles that you may not be able to resist as a collector or giving as a gift to a collector.

2003 Acura Honda NSX JGTC Test Car


lt is the white 2003 Acura Honda NSX JGTC Test Car. This diecast model car is 1:18 scale by AUTO Art. Its body shell is sealed. If you like it, you may find it here: 2003 Acura Honda NSX JGTC Test Car diecast model car. You can see the video of the 2003 Acura NSX JGTC Test Car below to see the detailed perfection of the diecast model.

Video of 1/18 Honda NSX ‘JGTC 2003’ Test Car


Other than the bigger models, my favorite is still Hot Wheels as I can accommodate more ranges of model cars with the spaces that is available to me.

In addition to the Fast Lane 1:32 version, I also have the Hot Wheels 2017 Acura NSX 1:64 version still in its packaging.

HW 2016 Then and Now ’17 Acura NSX (Blue)


I have found them available online at Amazon here: Hot Wheels 2016 Then and Now ’17 Acura NSX 108/250, Blue


Another collectibles that caught my attention is the ’17 Acura NSX in Spectraflame Gold. I have not seen them in local stores.

HW 2017 Super Treasure Hunt ’17 Acura NSX (Gold)


What is so special about this collection is that it has Black Real Riders Exotic Wheels. It also has Super Treasure Hunt Identifier “TH” on Rear Bumper. There is also a red Hot Wheels logo on the engine hood. It is a second generation NSX i.e. hybrid sports car with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine and three electric motors. I have found them at Amazon here:
2017 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt Factory Fresh 7/10 – ’17 Acura NSX [Gold]


There is also another Hot Wheels diecast model that attracted my attention at Amazon which is the ’01 Acura NSX (in Metallic Red and White. You can find them here if you are interested: Hot Wheels 2009 Speed Machines RED/WHT ’01 Acura NSX). This is the 2009 Speed Machines. I have not seen them in the local stores as well but I believe some of you may have picked them up already.

HW 2009 Speed Machines ’01 Acura NSX (Red/White)


While I do not have the above Hot Wheels in my collection yet, I will be interested to pick them up and add them to my current collection. For now, I already have Hot Wheels 2012 Acura NSXs (Matte Black, Metalflake Blue, Red and Yellow) and ’90 Acura NSX (Metalflake Grey). You can see them parked in the Speedtropolis below.


Hot Wheels 2012 Acura NSXs (Matte Black, Metalflake Blue, Red and Yellow) and ’90 Acura NSX (Metalflake Grey)


Other than the Fast Lane and Hot Wheels Acura NSXs to play and admire with my son, I also enjoy playing the Race Tin 2012 Honda NSX with him. It is faster than some of his other remote control cars that I can agree to some point it stands to its name as a super car 😉


Race Tin Remote Control 2012 Honda NSX


I am almost going to go off when I just remembered that I have forgotten we have Takara Tomy Honda NSX at home. I should share with you as I still love the details by Takara Tomy on the Honda NSX. You can see it from the picture below.

Takara Tomy Honda NSX


It is getting late. I hope you enjoy the Acura NSXs collections. That’s all I have to share for now on Acura or Honda NSX.

Have a nice weekend!


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  1. Thanks for the great info. My youngest son is into hot wheels and I didn’t know that there where so many other collectibles out there. Will definitely look int some options for his bday coming up.

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