Aegean Blue Metallic for Mini GT Honda Civic Type R FK8 (LHD)

We had previously posted up an article on Phoenix Yellow color of Mini GT Honda Civic Type R FK8. Now, it is Aegean Blue Metallic.

This is Mini GT FK8 Aegean Blue Metallic – MiJo Exclusives for the USA market. Similar to the earlier Phoenix Yellow review here, this 1:64 scale model also comes in this blister pack limited to 6,000 units.


This is the back of the blister pack. Distributed by M&J Toys Inc (USA). As indicated here, it is not a toy but a collector’s item.


Like the Phoenix Yellow unit, we won’t be unpacking the blister due to its authentic collectible value. We can only show you the side view here …


And a little close up of the side view here …


…. and the rear quarter view here ….


Another side view of the pack.


Mini GT under the TSM Model has released a number of versions and colors of the FK8 for collection.


You may browse through the latest Mini GT 2019 catalog below.

There is also a list of the distributors worldwide.

Hope you may find some interesting models for your collection here.


Enjoy! 🙂





Note: If the above catalog is not clear enough, you may check them out here: Mini GT 2019 Catalog


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  1. Your website is yet another example of why the Internet is such an engaging, interesting, wonderful place… you can find insights on everything!!

    Makes me wonder too, if I should have kept a lot of my favorite playthings as a kid.

    Like all the Star Wars stuff I ate up when the first movie came out.

    Well, I did keep SOMETHING. I still have the first three comics, unopened, in the plastic cover.

    Now, if only I’d bought the “special edition” version… I could sell it for TEN GRAND! Unbelievable!!!

    I never bought this GT car, but I sure had a lot of other Hot Wheels.

    Are any of those worth much??

    • Hi, TJSchlenker. You must know by now how precious the first three comics are to you that it is kept in good condition until now 😉 For Hot Wheels, some are collectable items that they can be worth a lot. You may find some of yours worth more than you think 🤔 

      Cheers, Rac

  2. Wow, I really love these mini gt Honda . I didn’t come across that your last post and I will check that now to see the package. I will purchase one of these and make it a surprise for my sons  and I’m sure they will love it because  it really looks classic buty question is where can I buy any of these?. I will be looking forward to your reply.

  3. What a nice collectible, I would love to get one for my friend’s son. I personally prefer the Chevrolet, it looks classy. I personally feel anyone can own it. It could also fit on one corner on the shelf at home or probably office . Good for interiors

    but are there others in modal of a van, my love for vans

  4. Good day. I would like to know if those cars are remotely controlled. They seem like some very nice toys for a boy to have.  What is the price range for these toys?  I remember when I was a boy, I had a few toy cars and a few of them were remotely controlled.

    I think this is a good article on those car models. How can they be obtained outside the United States?

  5. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to me.this article has really shows everything about Aegean Blue Metallic for Mini GT Honda Civic Type R FK8 (LHD).the post shows different view of the collector item. thank you for the information 

    • You’re welcome, Adamu2. Please feel free to browse other collections too.

      Cheers, Rac

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