Cool Diecast – Pick of the Week 6

Here is a list of my cool pick of the week diecast from Amazon. Check them out.


1. Honda Odyssey (Red)


  • Brand: Hot Wheels
  • Vehicle Make: Honda
  • Scale: 1:64
  • Released in 2018
  • Series: Car Culture – Cargo Carriers
  • Amazon Rating: None

Why Cool Pick? The real car is a powerful minivan tuned by Bisi and it is the only one in the world!

In case you have missed, you can have a good read here: Hot Wheels Honda Odyssey

Check out here: HW Honda Odyssey 2018 (Amazon)



2. ’68 Corvette (Blue)


  • Brand: Hot Wheels
  • Vehicle Make: Corvette
  • Scale: 1:64
  • Released in 2018
  • Series: 50th Anniversary Nightburnerz Gas Monkey Garage
  • Amazon Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars (6 Customer Reviews)

Why Cool Pick? This is the second version released by Hot Wheels after the first original version was released in 2017. The original version was commissioned by Hot Wheels and built by Gas Monkey Garage.

Check out here: HW ’68 Corvette – Gas Monkey Garage (Amazon)



3. Honda Civic Type R EK9 Early Version (Silver)


  • Brand: Ebbro
  • Vehicle Make: Honda
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Released in 2014
  • Amazon Rating: None

Why Cool Pick? A rare collectible!

Check out here: Ebbro Honda Civic Type R EK9 Early Version (Amazon)


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  1. Oh man, seeing your post makes me want to get back into collecting matchbox cars again. With shows like Gas Monkey and the incredible tuners out there, I am sure the market for matchbox cars could be booming. But with so many new cars being made, how do you tell which ones have potential to be valuable? I really enjoyed the information you provided along with each pick.

    • Hi, Daniel. Normally, local market forces play a vital role in determining how valuable a particular model is. For instance, in Asian countries, USA carded Hot Wheels pack are so valuable that many collectors want to buy. Apart from that, the limited production, color variation or signature edition etc can also make certain models valuable. Yes, you are right that there are so many valuable models out there and sometimes I cannot even name them all. Hey Daniel, you can even make a normal Hot Wheels or Matchbox model valuable if you get a celebrity to sign or autograph on the pack 😉

  2. I love seeing this post. My son is a collector of the Hot Wheels car so I can really cherish what you are showing us as cool picks. I wonder if he knows about these. I will also be referring him to your site. I am sure this will be a soon to be favorite site with him.
    Thank you

    • Hi, Melissa. Thank you for visiting. We enjoy doing these cool picks as well as we hunt around 🙂 Hope your son will enjoy this site too.

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