Custom Hot Wheels – Unpainted ’88 Honda CR-X

This is our custom unpainted ’88 Honda CR-X. You may read about our earlier article on the HW Milano Red ’88 CR-X here: Hot Wheels ’88 Honda CR-X.


Here is the front view with unpainted shiny look.


Top front view with tinted windows all around.


Side view with custom chrome rims and rubber tires.


Rear view. All tampos shaved. :-))


Top rear view.


Rear quarter view. Seems like the custom wheels have more negative offset.


Bottom view here. Spot the neat tread of rubber tires.


Until HW releases the Zamac version, we are glad to have our very own customized unpainted version for the time being.


Video of Honda CRX History : Everything YOU need to know! :

Source: GT Content


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  1. Hi there,

    I must be one of the few people who thought this is a real car.  At first. I did think it looked rather plastic!  It is a neat little model and I personally like Lego cars as I introduced them to my son when he was 3 years. 

     He is now almost 10 and absolutely LOVES Lego.

    I like how you can put the model car on your dashboard.  Very twee!

  2. Interesting to see a lot of pictures about the custom hot wheels unpainted 88 Honda CR  Honda CR X and I wanted to learn more about this Car,  is this Car for Racing, or  is there more information regarding it.  I love Cars and I would love to learn more.

    Great pictures, Thanks

  3. I thought the images are real Honda cars, but actually they are toys. I would recommend this site for parents who are looking for something different for their children because this is much friendly to us as a people rather than having toy guns that advocates violence and imprint the same to the growing young minds. Even though these maybe more expensive but children and adult enjoy the presence of one of the Honda inventions in the 80s.

    • Hi, Abagatan. I have the same thoughts on choices of toys for children. I do have some fun with collectable diecasts. They can be adult toys as well as for children. It amazes me at times that my son can name the real cars on the road which he picked up from the diecasts. I can’t even remember some of the names but he did 😅

      Cheers, Rac

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