Custom Hot Wheels – Unpainted ’88 Honda CR-X

This is our custom unpainted ’88 Honda CR-X. You may read about our earlier article on the HW Milano Red ’88 CR-X here: Hot Wheels ’88 Honda CR-X.


Here is the front view with unpainted shiny look.


Top front view with tinted windows all around.


Side view with custom chrome rims and rubber tires.


Rear view. All tampos shaved. :-))


Top rear view.


Rear quarter view. Seems like the custom wheels have more negative offset.


Bottom view here. Spot the neat tread of rubber tires.


Until HW releases the Zamac version, we are glad to have our very own customized unpainted version for the time being.


Video of Honda CRX History : Everything YOU need to know! :

Source: GT Content


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