Diecast Collection at Hobby Christmas Event 2017

Hobby Christmas Event 2017

It was the last Sunday before Christmas and there was a local Hobby Christmas Event 2017. This event was organised by Borneo Diecast Collectors Group. There was a range of diecast collection on sale and on display by diecast hobbyists. I would like to share with you some of the collectors’s diecast collection here which I have taken some pictures. It is a pity that I missed taking pictures of some of the booths so I am not able to show some of the collections here.


Overview of Hobby Collectors’ Booths

Honda Collector’s Booth

We stopped by one of the booth which displays an impressive array of Honda diecast collection as shown in picture below. It has the latest Ebbro Honda Civic Type R FK8 which grabs the attention of many collectors. You may have already seen my previous article on Honda Civic Type R FK8 as another collectable diecast.


Honda Diecast Collections (Front View)
Honda Diecast Collections (Back Row – From Left to Right):

  1. 1st Generation CIty AA
  2. 1st Generation Civic Hatchback SB1
  3. Civic EF2 Pre-Facelift
  4. CRX EF7 Pre-Facelift
  5. SPOON Civic EG6
  6. SPOON Civic EK4
  7. MUGEN Civic EK9
  8. Civic EK9 Facelift
  9. Civic EP3
  10. MUGEN Civic RR
  11. MUGEN Civic FD2R
  12. Civic FD2R
  13. Civic FN2R
  14. Civic FK2R
  15. Civic FK8R

Honda Diecast Collections (Front Row – From Left to Right):

  1. SPOON CRZ ZF1 Racer
  2. MUGEN Accord CL7
  4. MUGEN Integra DC2R
  5. MUGEN S2000 AP1
  6. MUGEN Integra DC5R
  7. Accord CL1
  8. Integra DC5R Facelift
  9. Integra DC2R
  10. NSX NA1
  11. SPOON FIt GK5
  12. Prelude BA
  13. CRX Del Sol EG2
  14. Civic Ferio EG9

Honda Diecast Collections (Side View)

Other Collector’s Booth

Assorted Diecast Collections

Close View of the S2000 Diecast Collections

This particular collector displays a variety of S2000 diecast collections made by Hot Wheels and Takara Tomy. I hope to see a similar showcase of NSXs’ diecast collections in future events.


Another Assorted Diecast Collections

Hot Wheels Diecast On Sale

Close View of Hot Wheels Diecast On Sale


Diecast collections parked at Shell Petrol Station

Christmas Present

There were also giveaways of Christmas presents for kids. My son was so happy when he unwrapped the present and out popped a Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetle. Another addition to his already ever growing family of diecast collections 🙂

Christmas Present Unwrapped

An Event to Look Forward Christmas 2018

It was the first time we went to a Hobby Event. It was very encouraging to see Hobby Collectors gather and showcase their collections. It takes a lot of love and passion for a collector to keep so much of his diecast collections and to display them at the booths to be admired by others. I would definitely be back again as it is an event I look forward to this Christmas 2018!




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