Ebbro Honda Civic Type R 2017 FK8

A close friend has a huge collection of Ebbro Honda models and shared with us his latest addition which he had gotten himself last year just before Christmas. In fact, he bought two of the same models! He is a die hard fan of Honda models especially those of Ebbro production.

I had previously written an article on FK8 whereby I have mentioned FK8 as another collectable diecast. You can find the article here: 2017 Honda Civic Type R FK8 – Another Collectable Diecast?

In that article, I did mention about FK8 by Ebbro. Now, I am happy to have my friend share his collection with you here. Enjoy!


The Ebbro FK8 is a 1:43 scale diecast and comes in Championship White. The models have fine details.

Inside and Outside of the Box (with Factory Label)!


Front Quarter View


You can compare the above Ebbro FK8 in “Front Quarter View” with the real one which we have captured at a recent local Honda event.

See how close Ebbro replicate the real FK8!


Rear view


The triple rear exhaust outlets!

Hope you have enjoyed this Ebbro collection!


Video of Honda Civic Type R model 2017:



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  1. Hi!
    I have read your review and has some question if you don’t mind.
    Since both of my sons is crazy about cars I thought I would buy them 2 of these type.
    Question is, where can I buy it and what do they cost?
    Do you have any info about that I would be thankful!

  2. Like many people I had quite a few die-cast models as a child, if we’d had the money then (we didn’t!) it would probably have been a good idea to buy two, one to play with and one to keep.
    These models look extremely good quality with brilliant detail, do you have any idea how long they’re in production for? Do you think they’ll become more valuable as soon as they’re no longer available or will it take a while for the value to increase?

    • Hi Spargop, Ebbro has a good reputation for producing one of the finest precision 1:43 diecast models. Because of its fine workmanship, the prices ain’t cheap. The production quantities are usually limited and the available range will change over the years with new models releasing. Once the productions for hot popular models had ceased, the value will go up if there is popular demand.

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