Factory Custom Hot Wheels – Candy Blue ’85 Honda City Turbo II

This is the factory custom prototype Hot Wheels candy blue ’85 Honda City Turbo II.


The windows and sunroof are light tinted with black interior and a pair of front bucket seats.


No tampo headlights or emblem for the sporty ‘bulldog’ front.


Tampo dark blue and red stripes on the center hood hump.


Side view with tampo dark blue & black stripes, ‘Honda’ logo on front fenders, ‘Hot Wheels’ with ‘5’ logos on front doors, ‘Turbo’ on rear sides and black C pillar vents matched with custom rims and rubber tires.


No tampo rear lights and emblem here.


Rear top view with tampo black roof spoiler.


Rear quarter view.


Bottom is made of plastic with side exit exhaust shown here.


Both factory custom candy blue and lime green ’85 City Turbos.


Power of Dreams!


Video of Custom 2018 Hot Wheels Honda City Turbo. Weathered Paint How to. JDM:

Source: Tomley RC Garage


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  1. I love the color of the collectible in your article. It’s a blue that stands out and grabs your attention. 

    I watched your video and am amazed at how much detail you have to pay attention to. I do not collect these by myself, but it’s interesting to see the process of the customization. What are your favorite features about this collectible? 

  2. Cool, I haven’t seen those toys for years. I know that your site will be very popular and well used. Great job.

    I don’t have much experience with collectibles, but you gave me a quick and concise education on what is cool and what may not be so cool.

    I will have to start going to garage sales and see if I can find some of those nice collectibles. 

    Thank you for your hard work.


    • Thank you, Winslow. Hope you can find some nice collectibles at garage sales. You can sometimes find them online too. We keep adding more collectibles. Please visit us again for more 😊

      Cheers, Rac

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