Factory Custom Hot Wheels – Lime Green ’85 Honda City Turbo II

This is the factory custom prototype Hot Wheels lime green ’85 Honda City Turbo II.


The windows and sunroof are light tinted with black interior and a pair of front bucket seats.


The sporty ‘bulldog’ front but no tampo headlights here.


Tampo dark blue and red stripes on the center hood hump.


Side view with tampos dark blue & red stripes, ‘Honda’ logo on front fenders, ‘Hot Wheels’ with ‘5’ logos on front doors, ‘Turbo’ on rear sides and black C pillar vents matched with custom rims and rubber tires.


Rear view with no tampo rear lights.


Rear top view with tampo dark red roof spoiler.


Rear quarter view.


Bottom view. Black color plastic. Only side exit exhaust shown here. You may check out our previous articles on the City Turbo II here …


Stay tuned for another factory custom City Turbo II soon!


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