Honda Civic Type R Diecast Model – Hot Wheels FK2 ZAMAC Edition

Hot Wheels ’16 Honda Civic Type R ZAMAC Edition (FK2)

Here is another article of Honda Civic Type R diecast model which is slightly different from the earlier articles I have posted. You may read two earlier articles on Hot Wheels ’16 Honda Civic Type R (FK2) here: Hot Wheels 2016 Honda Civic Type R (FK2) and Hot Wheels ’16 Honda Civic Type R FK2. The earlier articles were focused on painted Hot Wheels ’16 Honda Civic Type R. This time it is about the Hot Wheels ’16 Honda Civic Type R  (FK2) ZAMAC Edition, the unpainted version of Hot Wheels. ZAMAC stands for Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, and Copper alloy, whereby the casting is made of.


This is the unreleased version of Walmart Exclusive ZAMAC Edition ’16 Honda Civic Type R.


It comes with ‘ZAMAC’ unpainted finishing. This is the top front view.


Similar to the earlier released versions, the front view has the tampo detailed front headlights, ‘Honda’ emblem and ‘Type R’ badge.


The side has the tampo Bisimoto livery, Hot Wheels and Type R logos. Windshield and windows are smoke tinted with gray interior.


This is the top rear view.


The rear has no tampo detailed rear lights. The quad exhaust outlets with center lower diffusers are similar to the earlier versions.


Rear quarter view.


The base color is black and made of plastic. This is an unrivet piece …


Front view of the dismantled parts.


Rear view of the dismantled parts.


Here is a family photo of all Hot Wheels ’16 Civic Type R (FK2) versions.


Can anyone imagine what will be the next version’s color?


Video of Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF ZAMAC:

Source:  diecastArts


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  1. My son will really love this – he really likes the Honda brand and the Honda Civic Type R Diecast Model with the Hot Wheels looks really great. I also really like all the different images you have provided so I can see it from all angles. Great work and thanks again for supplying all the nice pictures -take care

  2. We are huge Hot Wheels fans in this house. In fact, recently my husband’s mother gave him a He-Man lunch box filled with Hot Wheels he owned as a child for our two small boys to have. I love the look of this one! Definitely, one we need to add to the list to buy. Question- what storage solutions do you recommend for a larger Hot Wheels collection? Something easy for kids to use. The He-Man lunch box has been officially outgrown. Thanks!

    • Hi, Heather. I have added my recommended storage for kids in the “You may like these collections” section above. My son loves to play with his truck transporter with storage similar to the above which I believe your boys will love them as well. They can play with the transporter and store their cars in there. Another favorite is the Tomica parking case. The material quality is very good and it can store the cars neatly. Easy to open and close the drawers for little ones plus they can play with the parking lot and its ramps as well. Hope it helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

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