Hot Wheels ’12 Corvette Z06

Previously, I have posted an article on Tomica Corvette Z06 (Corvette Diecast Models – Tomica Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C06 Platform).

Now, what do we have here?



It is the Hot Wheels version of the ’12 Corvette Z06 in red.


Front view. This particular unit has a ‘crooked’ lower bumper from the factory production.


Grey stripes from front to back.


Here is the front quarter angle view.


Side view … looking hot 😉


Now, the rear view with quad exhaust outlets.


Here you can see the huge see-through windows.


A beautiful rear quarter view !


The bottom is made of plastic black base.


Anyone may have noticed something different here? Factory error. The rear right wheel is missing red lining.


With this factory error, it is another valuable model in my ever growing collections.


If you have missed my previous article on factory error, you can still find it here: Hot Wheels Errors a Rare and Valuable Collectible?



Video of 2013 Hot Wheels Multipack Exclusive 2012 Corvette Z06:

Source: Ayrina Aini


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  1. Wow, what an incredible find. It’s gorgeous, too. This is my first time visiting your site and I was especially drawn to the McDonald’s car at the top and all those other cool-looking vintage toys. I absolutely love that kind of stuff. Bookmarking your site to see what else you get in. Do you have any articles or can you comment on your sources, where you go to buy?

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