Hot Wheels ’15 Ford F-150 Rescue (Red)

While going through our Hot Wheels collection, we found this Red F-150 Rescue Truck. This red HW ’15 Ford F-150 at 1:64 scale was released last year under the HW Rescue series.


Front macho view.


Yellow stripes on the hood and yellow tinted windows and twin panel moonroof.


Lifted suspension for off-road rescue.


Oversize wheels certainly make the truck more rugged.


Rear quarter top view.


It comes with bed liner.


Plastic bottom casing.


For those F-150 diecast collectors out there, this is certainly a nice addition to your collection.


Video of  2017 Hot Wheels ’15 Ford F-150 (DVB90):

Source: Mi-ke-monger


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  1. Just curious, how do you store/display your collection. Is it on display where you and visitors can see it or are your items packed up in a box in a cupboard?

    If they are on display, how do your visitors react? Does it spark off many conversations? What about other collectors reading this, do you have a big display for your collection?

    • Hi Ray, most of our diecasts (carded and non carded) are stored nicely in plastic box containers with moisture absorbers in cupboards. Some are stored in Tomica Multi Level Car Storage Cases, Fast Lane Trailer Truck Carrier Case and Display Shelves. We are not fond of placing them on display shelves as we do not want them to collect dusts or become home to little insects/mites especially in our local tropical climate. However, it is nice to have a wall rack to display all the diecasts for visitors or guests to drool over during their visit.

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