Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CR-X (2018 Nightburnerz 5-Pack)

This glittering metallic blue CR-X is from the 2018 Nightburnerz 5-Pack. I am glad we have this new addition recently.



Same casting as the other Hot Wheels CR-X variants except with 5 spoke rims, white interior and chrome exhausts.



Front end look



Rear end look



Top front look. It has the same bonnet air duct as other Hot Wheels CR-X variants.



If you peep closely, you can see the rear motor, presumably a J-series V6.



Chrome base. This one is “Made in Indonesia”.



CR-Xs group photo…..Yay!


Video of ’85 Honda CR X Nightburnerz 5 Pack Hot Wheels:

Source: HOTWHEELS442


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  1. I really like Hot Wheels cars. I remember playing with them when I was a kid. Some of my cars were “mattel” and some were “hot wheels” brand.
    Is it true that they have merged now?
    I was just wondering if Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CR-X is die cast or not?
    Is it expensive to buy? When you ship it, do you have to use special packaging?

    • Hot Wheels was introduced by Mattel since 1968. Mattel acquired Matchbox in 1997. This blue CR-X is exclusively available in 2018 Nightburnerz 5-pack only. Hope you can grab one too.

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