Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CR-X Matte Black (Multipack)

Honda designed the CR-X based on the Civic mechanicals and chassis with unique styling and interior.


A pair of matte black CR-Xs from my Multipack collections….


The side view…..


One nice look from the top….


Rear angle view…


Large vented bonnet hood and mini roof air duct…


The base….


Love the flared rear fenders and twin exhaust outlets! There are probably some secrets from within…..


Peek-ka-boo! Looks like a Honda J-series V6 motor nicely tucked behind. Rear engine rear wheel drive CR-X!



Video of 1985 Honda CRX Review + Top Speed/S Track Test – Hot Wheels:

Source: Peak Time Racing


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  1. Hot wheels were very famous toy cars back in the day but I did not know they came in multipack collections i like the way you showed the car in every angle are they anymore multi collection besides cr-xs if they are can you let me know where i can purchase them at

    • Hi, Alesia. You can get Hot Wheels multipacks in most toy stores, marts and even online such as Ebay and Amazon. The multipacks come in either 3, 5, 9, 10 or 20, etc cars in a pack. If you are lucky, you may be able to find some rare cars in those multipacks. Happy hunting!

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