Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CR-X (Night Burnerz – Red)

You may have read from my earlier posts on Hot Wheels CR-Xs. Here is another red unit from Night Burnerz single pack which we had much earlier.


Here is the carded pack.


Have a peek at the CR-Xs, one inside and another outside of the carded pack.


Oooh….The stripes look alike the Mugen colors.


Front view… It would be nice to have the headlights factory painted.


From the front top view, large bonnet vent with bonnet pins and dashboard center gauges can be seen too.


The side view shows the nice five spoke chrome rims and flared fenders.


Rear view. Again…factory painted rear lights will add a nicer touch here.


From the rear top view, the J-series V6 can be seen through the rear window.


Rear quarter view …


From the bottom view, twin exhaust outlets can be seen.


Stay tuned for more of our Hot Wheels CR-Xs soon!



Video of the Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CR-X (Night Burnerz – Red):

Source:  Hallsguide Diecast News



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  1. I really love the looks of it. When I look at rear top I just felt like my brother can add it to his collection. His birthday is coming up and I really want to get another one like this. Do you have any good recommendations? I want to check more than one.

    • Hi Furkan. I have just added the video of this CR-X in this post. At the same time, I have added my suggestions in this post under the “You may like these Hot Wheels CR-Xs collections:” section above. There are the red and white ’85 CR-Xs Night Burnerz. The Spectrafrost CR-X light blue Cool Classics is also cool. Another one is under the Car Culture – Modern Classics Series. I have also added the set of 5 of the Car Culture – Modern Classics in case you would like to get your brother an assortment of the complete Modern Classics collection. I would recommend the Boulevard Series if you like as it is a nice collectible. You may also check out pick of the week here: http://thetoycollectiblesparadise.com/pick-of-the-week for other recommendations. Please feel free to ask any more questions. Will be glad to help you. Hope you can find a nice birthday present for you brother 🙂

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