Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CRX – Night Burnerz (White)

For Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CR-X, we wish to share another color over here in this post. We had previously shared three different colors which were red, metallic blue and matte black. If you have missed them, you can still find them here:

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Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CR-X (2018 Nightburnerz 5-Pack)

Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CR-X Matte Black (Multipack)


The metallic blue and matte black Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CRX were released in 2018 while the red one was released in 2016.


Today, we will share the white HW 1985 Honda CRX which was released in 2016 under the Hot Wheels Night Burnerz series, same as the red version.


Similar to the other previously posted HW ’85 Honda CRX versions, this white CRX has no detailed headlights too.



Silver, red and black stripes decorate both sides of the large bonnet vent. Black stripes on both sides of the roof with mini roof air duct in between. Red interior can be seen through black tinted windows and windscreen.



Tampo of red, silver and black Mugen lookalike stripes decorate the sides of the CRX with Honda and Hot Wheels logos. The standard wheels are red chrome PR5 but for this particular rare custom version, it comes with chrome 10SP wheels.



The rear have no detailed taillights and numbers plates as well. Twin outlet exhaust



Red rear motor can be seen through the rear windscreen, presumably a J-series V6.


A closer view of the Honda J-series V6 motor! 



Rear quarter view.



The base is black plastic. This model is ‘Made in Malaysia’.



We hope you have enjoyed this latest addition of Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CRX.

Now, we would love to hear from you if you love this color or the previous colors.


Stay tuned for more collections 🙂


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  1. Wow, this is a very good Honda crx. I love the fact that you pay so much attention to the littlest of details here. I have a kid sister who will really like this. She  loves cars generally and I’m sure if I get one of this beauties for her, she’ll be very glad to have it. The colour is really nice and the wheels are real top notch. Nice one

  2. Just like always, thus is another great classic. This 1985honda crx night burnerz white is an esque of itself and this hot wheels is top notch. With the rate at which I am getting all these hot wheels for my son, I might end up breaking bank to get(hahhaha). I personally, like the feel of this hot wheels with such elegance and beauty. Ithey got the original version so well because I once had a neighbour who owns that. This is great and I’m definitely adding this to the collections of my son’s hot wheels.

    • Hi, RoDarrick. Talk about the rate of getting all these and break the bank, definitely share the same sentiment 😂 We couldn’t resist this collection though 😅

      Cheers, Rac

  3. First this is my first time being here and it was my grandson who informed me about this page. I love the color red which was used for the interior, the size of the car is just my type. Seeing the size and the fact that there is no back seat for extra passenger just makes it lovely. I love it.

    • Hi, Chloe. Thanks for dropping by. You can view other car collections too. Have a lovely time here 😊

      Cheers, Rac

  4. Thanks for sharing this post on the Hot Wheels 1985 Honda CRX in White. It is a lovely model although a shame about the non-detailed headlights as I really think this would polish the model off entirely. I think the White looks fantastic. Far superior than the red version. I always find red on cars a bit cliche and this white with red/black/grey detail is different from the crowd. Which is your favourite colour version? 

    • Hi, Ben. My favourite colour is the matte black from our earlier article. It is a non glossy version from the multipack exclusive model ☺️ 

      Cheers, Rac

  5. Hello Rac.Congratulation for sharing with us this valuable information.Honda CRX is very amazing.I like the design.This article is of great importance to me as a father, hopefully to buy a new one for my little son.Also the informations in this article is of great value to other parents,hope they are giong to love the article.All the best.


    • Thanks, Baraka. You may browse through other collections for more ideas. Hope you have fun as well as your son ☺️

      Cheers, Rac

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