Hot Wheels 2001 Honda Civic Si Coupe (Pride Rides Series)

Hello again! Today we have a Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si Coupe (2001) which was released in 2003 under the Pride Rides Series. If you have missed our previous post on its sibling released in 2005, you can still find it here: Hot Wheels 2001 Honda Civic Si (Dual Cool Series).

Let’s now hop over here and enjoy some views of the 2003 version of the Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si.

This metallic blue HW 2001 Honda Civic Si is splattered with tampo of black and silver tribal design on the sides and bonnet. A silver Honda tampo can be seen at both sides rear end of the car.



From the front view, it can be seen there is no detailed headlights. It would be have been nice if there’s a touch of paint to bring out the headlights to life. A silver Honda emblem is spotted above the Wings West Avenger style front bumper.


Here is the top front overview of the Hot Wheels whereby linings of the sunroof and vented hood can be seen.


From the clear front windscreen, black interiors with dashboard and steering wheel is visible. Next, let’s take a peek through the rear window for the built-in roll cage and a pair of audio amplifiers. It is totally cool with these details thought out in this mini toy cars which makes it closer to reality in a mini world.


Notice the fuel lid lining next to the Honda emblem at the rear end.


It is totally plain simple at the rear with no detailed taillights except for the linings marking on the taillights and number plate position, the Wings West rear boot spoiler and black rear muffler. There isn’t even a tampo Honda emblem on the boot.


A closer view of the built-in roll cage and a pair of audio amplifiers if you can get a glimpse of it minus the reflection on the clear rear window.


There is one obvious difference between the Dual Cool Series and the Pride Rides Series for this Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si. The Hot Wheels logo is stamped on the vented hood for the Dual Cool Series while it is stamped at the rear end of both sides for the Pride Rides Series. The wheels are chrome PR5.


On the base, it is BLACK plastic material. This version is ‘Made in Malaysia’ unlike the Dual Cool series which is ‘Made in China’.


Tribal design is something that we haven’t seen on the road and even more so for Honda Civic Si but that’s the beauty of having Hot Wheels. The variety of design created by Hot Wheels is yet to be seen on the road but who knows. Maybe one day.

Have you seen this design on the road? We would love to hear from you.


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