Hot Wheels 2006 Honda Civic Si (Heat Fleet and First Editions)

The Honda Civic Coupe body style first appeared with the fifth generation Civic in 1993 to differentiate from the sedan and hatchback body styles. It has proved to be a popular choice for street racers with many swapping in more power engines and forced inductions.

The 2006 Civic Coupe is the eight generation Civic and comes with i-VTEC DOHC powerplant and Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure.

What I’ve got here… The Heat Fleet (blue) and First Editions (green) 2006 Civic Si Coupes.


Heat Fleet (blue) and First Editions (green) 2006 Civic Si Coupes


Both comes with unique side custom stripes


Oversize rear wings


Rear bumpers with lower diffusers


Tinted orange windows for Heat Fleet Edition


Heat Fleet Edition Bottom View


First Editions Bottom View


Nice sunroofs


Rear subwoofers


Hot Wheels has released many variants of the 2006 Civic Si Coupe more than any other Honda models. I am sure it will not stop here…. 😉


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