Hot Wheels 2018 Ford Transit Connect

If anyone is an owner or a fan of Ford Transit Connect, there is already the latest mini collection released by Hot Wheels which is something not to be missed. This 2018 Hot Wheels version of the compact and versatile van is released under the HW Art Cars Series. For those who collects all the 2018 HW Art Cars, the message of “50 YEARS OF” and a Hot Wheels logo can be seen when they are put together in good order.


Right Side view. This Ford Transit Connect is artfully and artistically coordinated with red, black, yellow and white blocks on side. HW logo can be seen near to the rear end inside a red block. There are “fins” on the roof of the rear end of the van. Love the red rear and yellow front 5SP wheels!


Left Side view. The pattern on this side of the van is not duplicate of the right side of the van but a shuffle of the same artwork and color combinations. Again, Hot Wheels logo inside a red block.


Right front quarter view. The interiors of the van can be seen through the non-tinted screen and windows.


Left front quarter view. Interior of the van can be seen from another angle.


Right quarter rear view. The “fins” resemble “Batmobile” and the back door can be seen more defined from this angle.


Left quarter rear view.


Front top view. The “S” on the roof is one of the letters which forms the message in the 2018 HW Art Cars series.


The front view with fog lamps, stylish bumper and wide grille. Vents on the bonnet stand out with a cool look.


Rear view. Here is the back door. The “fins” look like “Batmobile” from this angle.


Base view. The base is made of plastic and “Made in Malaysia”.


It will be cool to see this design in real life version on the road or at SEMA. It will definitely pop heads and catch every eyes 🙂


Video of Opening Two Hot Wheels Ford Transit Connect!!!:

Source: The Hot Wheels Garage


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