Hot Wheels 2018 Honda 70th Anniversary Series – Honda S2000 (Red)

Here is our latest arrival!


A red Honda S2000 from Hot Wheels 2018 Honda 70th Anniversary Series.


A nice hardtop roof with air duct …


Here is the side view with multispoke rims.


Front view with vented bonnet …


What a rear top view!


Oooh…A nice mean looking front bumper with small ducting for air filter.


Look at the oversized rear spoiler for downforce and twin exhaust outlets with neat diffusers!


Rear quarter view…


Dismantled Red Honda S2000 (Front View)


Dismantled Red Honda S2000 (Rear View)


Bottom view. Unrivet.


For those Hot Wheels S2000s collectors, this is definitely a must grab!


Video of Classic Toy Room – HONDA S2000 Hot Wheels car review:

Source: Lord Karnage


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  1. You have done a really great job with all your photos.

    I especially like the dismantled views!

    Lots of different angles!

    Makes the car very appealing. However it would be nice to have some more information about the car, the price, etc.

    Is this part of a bigger collection?

    If we wanted to buy one do you have a link on your site as well?

    Super job!


    • Thanks, Tim. This car model is no. 7 of 8 of the Hot Wheels 2018 Honda 70th Anniversary series (Set of 8). The Set of 8 was sold previously at Ebay for US$49.99. You can refer here: http://thetoycollectSiblesparad…. Ebay has one on sale right now if you want to buy which is at US$5.00. You can buy from here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hot-W… Hurry if you need as it is the last one by this seller! I have checked other site but sold for now. 

  2. Hi there! Can I ask the materials for this model? My nephew loves toy cars and he watches Hot-Wheels so I was thinking to get one of the Hot-Wheels car models for him. Can I ask what is the difference between a 20$ and 40+$ toy car? Thank you!


    • Hi Jerry. Hot Wheels models are made from die casting method using a combination of metal and plastic. The common metal used is Zamac which is type of white metal or aluminium magnesium copper. The more expensive the diecast model, the more detailed features it will have. They can also be expensive when they are rare or limited editions. Hope you can find nice ones for your nephew. 

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