Hot Wheels 50th Race Team Series ’90 Honda Civic EF (Factory Custom)

This is a rare Factory Custom matte green EF Civic in HW 50th Race Team series.


Clean and simple with no tampos on the front.


Top front view. Windows and sunroof are clear and non tinted.


Side view with the 50th Race Team tampo and chrome 50th HW50 rims.


Clean simple rear end with no tampo.


Top rear view.


Rear quarter view.


The bottom design is similar to other EF Civic versions.


This version is definitely a rare collectible item. It will certainly be a great addition to EF Civic collectors.

Stay tune for more HW Factory Custom EF Civic!


Video of Custom Honda Civic Ef Hot Wheels:

Source: Rivera’s Hot Wheels


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  1. I honestly think that this is a great and interesting article Rac. My 7-year old boy like this type of cars just like I in his years, that is something strange. I was looking in many stores to buy him this model but I did not succeed in that. All in all thank you for sharing with us such great toy.

    • Hi, Daniel. This is a factory prototype custom which is not released for sale. You’re lucky if you can get it from some collectors online.

      Cheers, Rac

  2. It’s truly amazing how far HotWheels have progressed from the tiny toy cars I personally had as a kid – I wasn’t aware that they made specific models in this manner, it’s very honest to the real thing I must say! It’s hard to see from the photos – is the same detail featured in the interior of the car? Where are collectables and rare HotWheels items like this one available?

    • Hi, Kegan. We do feature the interior of the car in some of our articles whereby the parts are dismantled. Factory custom Hot Wheels like this one can be found online if you’re lucky or through collectors that have them. 

      Cheers, Rac

  3. Hello!

    Actually you just find someone whose passion are Honda cars! So I need to admit I like your article. As you said such car model is very nice for collection which potentialy have people like me 😉 I need to admit it`s god idea, for my website I chose my other passion.

    Are you also Honda fan? 🙂

    I`ll probably visit your website again, keep up the good work!

    • Hello, Luke. We are Honda fans if you see our collections 😄 Please do come visit us again for more.

      Cheers, Rac

  4. Good day,

    Thank you for sharing this information and video. Woe that is one large collection of hot wheels cars.  Wow you have a great talent and other collectors would certainly appreciate that. images are great and details are short but to the point.  I would suggest giving a little more information on the cars like: when it was first made, why, etc.

    But I did enjoy the ones I saw and would recommend your website to other individuals that are interested in hot whee cars.

    How did you get into this interesting hobby or becoming a collector.  How did you learn to prepare the cars?

    Thank you for sharing your images of the hot wheel cars and video, enjoy it.

    Very best,


    • Good day, Lady Esther. Thank you for your suggestions. This hobby started when I started getting toys for my son 😊 I did not prepare this car. It is factory prototype custom.

      Cheers, Rac

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