Hot Wheels ’70 Camaro – Flames

Last month, we had posted the Hot Wheels 2017 Camaro ZL1 whereby it is the mini version of the sixth generation Camaro. Today, let’s have a look at one of the 1:64 scale second generation Camaro with the Hot Wheels ’70 Camaro.


There were already 15 releases of Hot Wheels ’70 Camaro to date. For more information of these 15 releases, please find them here: Hot Wheels Wiki – ’70 Camaro Road Race


We shall share the black Hot Wheels ’70 Camaro released in 2016 under the HW Flames series. Like the Hot Wheels 2017 Camaro ZL1 which we have posted previously, the Chevrolet logo is missing on the front of the hood. The front tight-patterned rectangular grilles and split bumper are evident as the obvious features of the second generation Camaro. There are no detailed headlights.


Tampo of red, orange and blue flames cover the hood almost completely. Through the clear windscreen, red interiors can be seen. The dashboard, steering wheel and car seats are visible.


Side views show the red, orange and blue flames tampo from the front fenders to the rear. Wheels are PR5.


Here is a peek into the red interiors through the window from another angle. Fingers can go through the windows as there are no plastic windows for this model, except for the front and rear windscreens.


Front quarter views from left and right angles.


Rear quarter views from left and right angles.


Similar to the front, there are no detailed taillights and Chevrolet logo at the rear as well.


View of the red interior can be seen through the clear rear windscreen.


The base is black plastic and is ‘Made in Malaysia’. ‘70 Camaro’ print can be seen.


Now, what do you think of the Hot Wheels ’70 Camaro flames tampo on its body? Do you prefer the flames deco on the real car below or the Hot Wheels version? Please let us know in the comments below.


Source: Rawhorsepower


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  1. This replica Hot Wheels 70 Camaro flames model looks really nice and is one that I would consider adding to my collection, even with the differences between the real one and the replica. That car was a great one, there was one in the town I grew up in and the kid who had it was rich.

    Some differences not mentioned include the tires. There were no thin tires like the replica had back in the days when I could see the real thing, and I do like that touch on the Hot Wheels version, I think it adds a touch of cool to the model. Regarding the flames paint, I like the original better, but still, the model looks good too.

    I am a fan of Hot Wheels Models and have been for many years. It is good to see that interest in them has been rising lately, and younger people are starting to collect them as well. This is a good thing because this way new editions will be rolled out so I can add to my collection.

    Is it better to order these using AliExpress or Amazon? I have a friend who is selling these cars on Amazon and he is doing really good business, as he has stocks in the USA and can deliver very quickly. The prices are higher for his models, to be expected because of shipping, warehousing, etc. If AliExpress works, I would order them through that site, just to save money…

    • Hi, Dave. It depends. Some of these are not available at Ali Express but at Amazon and vice versa. Sometimes the price including shipping can be more expensive at Amazon or Ali Express. It is better to check between the sites for the best price and availability.

      Cheers, Rac

  2. Great start, you definitely have a great niche being that my sister just purchased a remote control truck for $500. Is your site more Hotwheel focused, or all toy collectibles? I ask this because the landing page is on the Hotwheels, but the name of the site is The Toy Collectibles Paradise. 

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