Hot Wheels ’85 Honda City Turbo II – Bisimoto Version

This is the latest HW ’85 Honda City Turbo II blue Bisimoto version expected to be released in 2019. Bisimoto is a renowned engineering company with passion for designing and developing innovative automotive projects.


This is the front look. No tampo headlights or emblem.


Top front look. There is a No. 8 tampo on the bonnet. The windows are non tinted and the gray interior can be seen.


This is the side view with livery tampo inspired from City Turbo II R One Make Race series back in the 1980s as well as additional tampos of Honda emblem, Bisimoto, Purol, Hot Wheels and designer Ryu Asada. Filling the flared fenders and side skirting are custom wheels – Comold CM6 yellow.


This is the rear view. Un-tampoed taillights. There is a Motocompo inside the boot.


Rear top view. There is a tampo Bisimoto livery on the top spoiler.


Rear quarter view.


The base is black plastic and similar to earlier versions with side exit exhaust.


There is also a prototype yellow version as circulated on the internet recently and there is a possibility of another release slotted for 2019!


Video of 1985 Honda City Turbo II Hot Wheels Review | New For 2018:

Source: JonRacer3


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  1. I know someone who would love the Hot Wheels 85 Honda City Turbo II – Bismorto Version as they are big into collecting Hotwheels. You said it is coming out in 2019, do you know what month or quarter it could be coming for next year? Did Hotwheels make another version of this back in the 1980s? Thank you for sharing this and appreciate the 2018 review video!

    • Hi, Brian. 

      It is expected to be released in 2019 but exact timing of release is not known yet. Hot Wheels has not released this ‘85 City Turbo II version before. The first version was only released in 2018.



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