Hot Wheels ’88 Honda CR-X

This Milano Red HW ’88 Honda CR-X is expected to be released in 2019 under the Nightburnerz series. It is the 2nd generation CR-X produced by Honda Motor Co.


This is the front. No tampo headlights or emblem here but there is a black lower bumper lip / apron made of plastic which is an extension of the base.


Top front view. No bonnet bulge here though. Windows are tinted all round.


Side view. Tampo black side skirts, side moldings and b-pillars. The wheels here are chrome and black J5 but the final released version will get the chrome 5SP.


The rear is distinctive with tampo black panel with Honda and ‘Si’ emblems above the tampo tail lights and center garnish with ‘CRX’. Black rear lower lip is made of plastic. Dual muffler tips add a nicer touch too.


Top rear view with rear hatch lip.


Rear quarter view.


This is the bottom view with rear muffler, fuel tank and front driveshafts, crossmember, etc.


The black interior comes with a pair of bucket seats.


It is left-hand drive.


We can’t wait for Hot Wheels to release more different versions soon. Certainly worth the wait!


Video of ’88 Honda CRX 2019 | Hotwheels Review New Casting:

Source: Budak Haria


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  1. I have three boys and I have had a lot of hot wheels around our house over the years.  I still have a lot of hot wheels.  They seem to have come a long way in detail.  I like this particular hot wheel, especially since we have a Honda CR-X!  I think it is going to make a gift once it comes out.  Thanks for sharing all the detailed information on this car.

    • Hi, Matt’s Mom. It can surely be a great gift for Honda CR-X owners and collectors 😊

      Cheers, Rac

  2. The site is informative and to the point. Discussing the perks of the vehicle is a definite plus. Since I know absolutely nothing about Hot Wheels, I’m a bit confused. What are a J5 and Chrome 5SP. I know I must seem like an ignoramus. I am when it comes to racing cars. I must say that I’ve learned a little bit more than I did before coming on the site. Thank you.

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