Hot Wheels ’88 Honda CR-X (Black)

This is the second release of HW 2019 Nightburnerz series ’88 CR-X in black color. You may read the first release in red color ’88 CR-X in our earlier article here: Hot Wheels ’88 Honda CR-X


This car was a pocket rocket back in late 1980s and early 1990s with many aftermarket performance tuners making parts for it.



Here is the front view. The windows are non tinted. A pair of factory semi-bucket seats can be seen clearly inside the black interior. There are no headlights or signals tampos here but the Honda emblem is neatly casted on the front bonnet.



This is the side view. Clean and neat with gold OH5 rims.



This is the rear view with Honda and ‘Si’ emblems above the tampo taillights and center garnish with ‘CRX’. Dual muffler tips add a nicer touch for the sporty rear end.



Rear quarter view. I love the look from this cool angle!



The base is black color plastic with rear muffler, fuel tank, front driveshafts, crossmember, etc.



Since this is an unrivet piece, Minion offered to help dismantle the components for your pleasure viewing.



Another dismantle view. Thanks Minion!



Other than the black and Milano red color HW ’88 CRX version, we also have a self customized unpainted version as we couldn’t wait for a Zamac version already 🙂 If you have missed it, you may view them here: Custom Hot Wheels – Unpainted ’88 Honda CR-X


I am sure Honda / Acura fans will be interested to see a Bisimoto version released in the future.


  1. Nice article there on 88 Honda CR-X – I like that fact that the care has more than one colour to start with and it can be dismantle and arranged back and some of the things I find really amazing in the car is the car wheels they are beautiful. And from all indications it a good toy car to have at home among my kids toy cars collections

    • It is indeed a lovely collection especially for Honda lovers, Ajibola40 😊 It is made of good metal whereby it’s quite durable for kids to play with as well. 

  2. I’m beginning to like these toy car collectibles! This ’88 Honda CR-X black is even better than the red. The shining golden rims just looks really good on it and reminds me of my uncle’s car of the same model back in the day. Now, I kind of understand why people are so attached to their collectibles. I must confess that I am now looking forward to the Bismoto.

  3. I absolutely love this insightful article because. it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.I so much found interest in hot wheel ’88 Honda cr-x,kids love this toy and they are happy playing with this toy.I will stay around your blog to see more kids toy  because of my baby boy. Thanks for the post. Regards 

    • Thank you, Adamuts. We are excited to add more collections here. Please feel free to browse around our site. Have fun 😊

      Cheers, Rac

  4. The site is informative and to the point. Discussing the perks of the vehicle is a definite plus. Since I know absolutely nothing about Hot Wheels, I’m a bit confused. What are a J5 and Chrome 5SP. I know I must seem like an ignoramus. I am when it comes to racing cars. I must say that I’ve learned a little bit more than I did before coming on the site. Thank you.

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