Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX (Red)


I have previously posted an article entitled Acura NSX diecast on 20th January 2018. In case you have missed it, you may refer to it here: Acura NSX Diecast


The mid-engined first generation NSX was produced from 1990 until 2005. The bodywork was constructed using aluminium for weight reduction.


Hot Wheels released this red ’90 Acura NSX in 2015 under the HW Workshop Series.



This is the back of the carded pack with a short introduction of the car.



Honda first 2-seater sports car looks amazing from this angle.



The front view sports a silver Acura emblem tampo. Unfortunately, the headlights does not pop up like the real one does.



Top front view sporting the black tinted windows all-round and black hard top.



Side view with nice 5-spoke rims with bigger and wider rears than the fronts.



Rear view of tampo rear lights with centred ‘Acura’ wordings and rear plastic silver twin exhaust outlets.



Rear top view. Tampo black centre on rear spoiler.



A closer peep through the tinted rear window where you can see the mid-engined C30A V6.



The base is made of black plastic. You can see the rear diffuser in between the exhaust pipes.


That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more of our HW ’90 Acura NSX collections soon.


Video of Hot Wheels 90 Acura NSX:

Source: Hotwheels Tournaments


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  1. I was thinking of a gift for my little cousin and I know that he really likes cars. I really like Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX and this model’s front looks really awesome. Can you recommend another one which has a cool front? So I can compare them and get one of them.

    • Hi Furkan, another one which has a cool front is Hot Wheels McLaren P1. There are several versions of it in different colors. Cheers!

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