Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX (White)

We have featured the red and yellow ’90 NSX earlier and the next one is this….


Released in 2015 under the HW Workshop : Garage series. This is the front card.


The back of the card.


Nice and cool in white!


The sporty front has the tampo silver Acura emblem.


Side view. Tinted black windows covering the gray interior. Rims are full chrome PR5.


Rear view. Tampo rear taillights and black center wing.


Rear also sports the twin muffler outlets and lower center diffusers.


Here is the C30A VTEC V6.


Base is black plastic similar to red and yellow versions.


The first generation NSX has certainly not lost its popularity yet even after the second generation NSX has been launched. Stay tuned for more of our HW ’90 NSX version soon.


Video of Hot Wheels 2015 Workshop ’90 Acura NSX (White) – Race 85:

Source: Chapman Films


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  1. Hey there 😉
    This is an Informative and helpful look at Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX 😉 great job!

    Looks very cool! I love the white color, it looks gorgeous on this model, especially with nice tinted black windows! Looks sleek and elegant 😉

    But where this car shines the most in my opinion, is rear view ! Those rear tailights alongside twin muffler outlets and lower center diffusers looks just insane! Very nice attention to detail I have to admit 😉 How is the build quality? And by the way, is that Yours video review? If not, are You planning on making video reviews?

    • Thanks, Evald. The build quality is good. The video review is picked from a huge selections in YouTube for your view in case you have missed out. We would love to do video reviews in the near future. Our latest video is for our creation of a Honda Showroom using Light Stax which you may like to check them out. Hope you have an enjoyable time at our site 🙂

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