Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX (Yellow)

This yellow NSX was released in 2017 under the Nightburnerz series.


The bright yellow color NSX is as striking as the red edition which we have featured more than a week ago. You can find it here: Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX (Red)


This is the front view. The tampo Acura emblem does not seem to stand out in this yellow edition compared to the red edition which was featured earlier.


Top front view with all round black tinted windscreen and windows.


Side view with tampo black stripes and ‘Hot Wheels’ logo. The normal wheels for yellow NSX are ‘chrome outer & inner black’ PR5 but this particular unit comes with full chrome PR5!


Rear view with tampo rear lights combination but the tampo ‘Acura’ wording at the center seems to be a little misaligned. Same twin exhaust outlets with center lower diffusers as the red edition NSX.


Rear top view. Heavily tinted rear glass with hidden gem inside …


Using a torch to shine some light thru, the C30A VTEC V6 is exposed!


Rear quarter view.


Base is made of black plastic and ‘Made in Malaysia’.


We will be featuring the white edition NSX soon. Stay tuned!


Video of Acura NSX Yellow Track Test & Review – Hot Wheels:

Source: Peak Time Racing


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  1. The header of this post is very pleasing, colorful and as most people feel their inner child coming out when they see toys a very good start to a post.
    The pictures of the car were well done and the captions clear and made sense. I felt that overall it was a pleasing site but I would really loved to have seen more cars displayed, not just the one.
    This will bring back happy childhood memories to lots of people, not just men as I know I loved playing cars as a child and I think there will be many women out there who feel the same.
    Look forward to seeing many more posts like this.

    • Hi, Jill. Noted your suggestion with many thanks. I will add more cars soon. Please do visit us again for more.


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