Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF (2014 Hot Wheels City Series – Pearl Aqua)

Anyone ready for the sixth Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF that we are going to share here?

Let’s check it out!

This is the 1:64 scaled version of the pearl aqua / turquoise ’90 Honda Civic EF which was released in 2014 under the Hot Wheels City Series. It is one of the most sought after EF version besides the Zamac version. In fact, it was among the first two releases in 2014 together with the red version.


The front has tampoed front headlights and Honda emblem similar to the blue Civic EF Kmart Exclusive version.


Top front view. Tinted black windows and sunroof made the black interior hardly visible.


Side view shows black and red stripes with ‘DOHC’ and ‘VTEC’ tampos. The original wheels are chrome and black OH5 but since this unit is originally unrivet, the wheels are swapped with Chrome 10 SP. We think it certainly looks more stunning.


Rear view is plain and clean with no tampo rear lights.


Rear top view.


From the rear quarter view, the black tampo on the B-pillar can be seen slightly misaligned from the factory.


Black plastic base. This is factory unrivet piece, making it easier for custom or wheels swap.


Hope you have fun with this latest addition.

As the saying goes, ‘Old Hondas Never Die. They Just Get Faster’.


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Hope to see you again in the next posts!


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  1. Wow, this is a great one. I like the turquoise color. It is a highly sought after collectible. The fourth generation of the Honda Civic saw the introduction of the DOHC VTEC (Dual Overhead Cam Valve Lift Timing Electronic Control) engine, which was only available in Japan until 1992 when Honda replaced the Fourth generation Civic. So that is where the DOHC VTEC comes from. I’m sure you know that but just in case anyone else was wondering what that meant. Thanks!

    • Hi, Edward. The 4th generation Civic EF9 was the first Civic to get the legendary B16A DOHC VTEC engine besides the 2nd generation DA Integra. We will be featuring more Hotwheels Civic EF soon. Stay tuned!

      Cheers, Rac

  2. It is interesting that you featured this Honda car model. There was a time I was looking into buying the real car mainly for its great cargo space at the back. Model toys like this take me back to my childhood. I used to have a Hornby cast iron train set. The touch and feel of the  cars drove me nuts.

    As an adult I came across model cars of various sizes. However, these matchbox sizes Hot Wheels have become a collectors paradise and for good reason. Your description of the Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic together with the pictures brought it to life. I wish I was a kid again! 



    • Hi, Edwin. It is great to see there are lots of diecasts these days that resemble real cars. Hope you will have a fun collection of your favourite cars soon 😉

      Cheers, Rac

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