Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF (Factory Custom – Bisimoto Version)

During the whole of last year, we have already posted four (4) articles on Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF. Do not fret if you have missed any of them 🙂


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For this year of 2019, we shall start the year with another rare Hot Wheels Factory Custom ’90 Civic EF in Bisimoto version. The 1:64 scale miniature car comes unpainted from the factory.


The front has no tampos which is a bit plain. It probably makes the front look fierce. The windows are dark tinted including the sunroof.


The side view is not as plain as the front. Instead, the view is uplifted with tampo design waves of blue webs and Bisimoto logo and name imprinted above the webs. There are also Type R and Hot Wheels tampos on the door, below the Bisimoto logo and name. The design is matched with Chrome Black PR5 wheels.


This is the left side view. The interior is red including the seats.


Here is the rear view with clean look and no tampos.


Rear right quarter view. The EF Civic still looks aggressive despite its age.


The base is black and it follows similar design of other EF versions.


I am sure Bisi Ezerioha of Bisimoto Engineering will be happy to see this special factory custom 🙂


Before the end of this article, it may be worth mentioning that while we have four (4) counts of Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF articles for last year, we also had three (3) articles on Hot Wheels with Bisimoto version in the same year.


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Hope you enjoy them as much as we do 🙂


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  1. Thanks rack i was on your website and i have liked much about how you have   presented your ideas, My kids like toys most of the time , they like vehicles , motorcycles and and army cartoons, This this the west website i will keep vising for more cartoons ideas .

  2. Hello Rac, very good article about Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF in Bisimoto version. As a Honda fan I like your website which shows Honda Civic toy models, this is excelent for building some Honda collection of all models. I like this Honda model from 90s, it is a legend. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Nice article, this actually is an article about cars and to be honest i know nothing about this article before now but just started following up with the previous articles, about the hot wheels Honda civic EF factory custom- candy pink ,that’s a female car but this right is for the guys i love the design at the side and the red seat, it classy.

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