Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF (Factory Custom – Candy Pink)

If anyone is Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF craze, we have three articles for you to catch on:

1. Hot Wheels 50th Race Team Series ’90 Honda Civic EF (Factory Custom)

2. Hot Wheels Mainline Greddy Honda Civic EF

3. Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF Kmart Exclusive


Already read the above? Then, you have seen our green, white and blue HW Honda Civic EF so far.


To add up to the above, we now have the exclusive factory custom – candy pink Civic EF.


The front is clean and tampo free which makes it look even glossier. Close to pink glossy lipstick or nail polish?


This is the front top view. Clear non tinted window and sun roof exposing the red interior. Its red interior makes little contrast to candy pink.


No tampo on the side but the cool candy pink and chrome 10SP wheels make the EF looks cool.


This is the rear view. Plain with no tampo rear lights.


Rear top view. Visible is the rear interior parcel shelf.


Rear quarter view.


Black plastic base here is similar to other EF versions.


This pink Hot Wheels EF will surely look nice beside the  HW Fast and Furious S2000 Suki edition. Barbie may have liked to have this pink EF next to her pink HW Barbie Corvette as well. What do you think? Is it a man or ladies’ car? Let us know in the comments below.


Look out for more factory custom EFs soon!


  1. RAC,

    This takes me back to my youth growing up in the 90s where Hot Wheels, micromachines and Matchbox Cars were all the rage. Its hard to believe that its almost 30 years ago already as when I think of 30 years ago I still think of the 70s.

    Did you remove the original paint before applying the custom pink? Do you use normal model paint of have you sourced proper auto industry primer and top coat?


    • Hi Richard, the candy pink is the original paint from factory. This is a rare item not released for sale. It is a factory prototype custom.

      Cheers, Rac 

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