Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF (Honda 70th Anniversary Series)

With the sixth Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF collection shared on our site last week, we couldn’t resist sharing the seventh collection of this same casting.

Are you ready? Let’s go for a ride.

This Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF was released in 2018 under the Honda 70th Anniversary Series.


The front has no detailed headlights and bumper signal lamp tampo. Black and red stripes on the bonnet makes a bold statement of the cheerful yellow car .


Red interior is clearly visible even through the slightly tinted windows and sunroof.


Here is the side view showing tampo of red and black stripes with Honda and Hot Wheels logos. The wheels are Chrome SP5.


As we zoom closer, we can see the tampo of ‘DOHC VTEC’ evident on the black stripe.


Plain simple rear view with no tampo at all.


Top rear view.


Rear quarter view.


The base is black plastic and this model is ‘ Made in Malaysia’.


Our ride for this Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF of the Honda 70th Anniversary Series is complete for the day. Hope you have an enjoyable ride. Till next article!


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  1. Hello RAC, this Honda civil EF Honda is simply amazing and it has such an interesting appeal to sight. I like it majorly for the sleekness and how beautiful it appears and OMG! Such attention to details. I doff my heart to this series right now. My son is a car freak and definitely, this is going right into his collections. Wow! Great one.

    • Hi, Roland. If that’s not enough, please feel free to check out our previously shared six other Hot Wheels ‘90 Honda Civic EF collections. Your son may love them as well 😉

      Cheers, Rac 

  2. A must say I really enjoyed my rice through this care review. This is one nice car I must say, starting from the exterior beauty to the red interior. I particularly like the color of the interior, much colors are rear and it makes it super nice. A really nice car I’ll call it

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