Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF Kmart Exclusive

Back in 1990, the JDM top spec Civic Si-R EF9 was fitted with the highly acclaimed legendary B16A DOHC VTEC. I am sure for those who had driven this car for the first time back then, will have a grin on the face when the sound of VTEC kicked in!
Can I say this is the car that started the VTEC madness until today?

I am sure most of the Civic EF9 fans and owners would love to have EF diecasts for collection and drool over!

Thanks to Hot Wheels for producing the range of ’90 Honda Civic EF diecasts over the years….

So… what have we got here?


A blue Kmart exclusive Civic EF.


This time, the Mattel factory has painted black B-pillar nicer than earlier batches.


Rear quarter view.


Roll-over underneath…. unrivet unit.


Dismantle and now bare naked.


Bare naked rear view.


Let’s hope Hot Wheels will roll out more civic EF editions in time to come 🙂


Video of the HW ’90 Honda Civic EF Kmart Exclusive:

Source: Julian’s HW


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  1. I remember these Honda’s well, thank you for bringing back this memory. The die cast car is really cool and I would like to have one! My son collect hot wheels, so maybe if I need to buy him one for his collection. This would be a tribute to the 90’s. Thanks for sharing this post, I love to see a blast from the past. What other cool hot wheels do you own?

    • Hi, Steve. Hot Wheels die-cast Hondas are among the most sought after by collectors. For instance, the Hot Wheels Zamac series EF Civic is a rare and pricey item now. For our Hot Wheels collections, we have Honda the most, followed by other makes such as Ford, Chevy, etc. We hope to feature more Hot Wheels models soon.

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