Hot Wheels Acura NSX – ’17 Acura NSX (Gloss Black)


Hello again! It has been a long time and now we are back. We would love to share in this post the latest Hot Wheels ’17 Acura NSX released this year 2020.


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This gloss back Hot Wheels ’17 Acura NSX was released this year under the Multipack Exclusive Series.


As we zoom in, the cool gray Y5 rims certainly can be seen to bring out the car’s elegance in style.


Tampo silver Acura emblem is sported on the front hood, a significant statement to this Japanese supercar diecast. Unlike Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX, the Hot Wheels ’17 Acura NSX version has detailed LED headlights which makes this diecast closer to the real thing.


This is the side view. The windows are all smoke tinted, which makes it harder to see the black interior through the windows from here.


Detailed LED taillights, red reflectors and tampo silver Acura emblem can also be seen at the rear of this Hot Wheels ’17 Acura NSX.


Lower center diffusers is visible from this angle and also from the rear view shown in photo above.


Can you see the 3.5 L JNC1 twin-turbocharged V6 through the rear windshield? Super cool huh?


Base is black plastic matching the glossy black body of this Hot Wheels.


As it is quite difficult to see the wordings on the base of the car in the photo above, we tried to enlarge the photo. Hope you can see it better here. This glossy black Hot Wheels ’17 Acura NSX is ‘Made in Malaysia.’


Now, let’s put the 1st Generation and 2nd Generation black Hot Wheels Acura NSX together. Don’t they look awesome in this family portrait of two generations? A sure one for the album 🙂


Hope you have a wonderful time here! Stay tuned for more collections ….


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  1. My cousin is a collector of toy cars. A lot of this was a little foreign to me, but I can’t wait to share this with him. He will be so excited to go into every little detail with me as he reads it. It actually kind of blows my mind the attention to detail that is put into making these. Crazy what you notice when you pay attention! Thanks, again!

    • Thanks for your comments, Leina. Hope your cousin will enjoy every bit of his time here 🙂 

      Cheers, Rac 

  2. I like the website! It is amazing to think that the Hot Wheels I played with as a kid are collector’s items now. And I like how you’ve “fleshed out” the diversity of the product with the pictures. You could maybe write a little more on each item. Good Job!

  3. Hello there thanks for the review. I’m not really a fan of toys but I must say this one got. This is really amazing. I love the design and colour as it looks so realistic and mature. I think this is a nice innovation from Acura. I think I will consider getting one of these toy cars. 

    • Hi, Philebur. This diecast is part of Multipack Exclusive. Hence, you will need to get the whole pack to get this particular Hot Wheels diecast. 

      Cheers, Rac

  4. such an amazing review you have on Hot Wheel Acura, I look forward to sharing this your awesome post on my blog so that a lot more of people could see and get this information across others thanks for the awesome review and I look forward to visit your blog more often…

    • Thanks, Evans. You’re welcome to visit our blog all the time. Hope to hear more from everyone visiting this website.

      Cheers, Rac 

  5. Hey nice article you have, your products is quite awesome. Wow am impressed with your product I must say, this is the first time for me stumbling into your article and you have exceeded my expectations, I must say. The Hot Wheels  17 Acura NSX is indeed built by teams of professionals, one could hardly classify it to be a toy from this article. Keep the good work

    • Nice to have you here, Edahnewton1. Please feel free to browse around for more awesome collections.

      Cheers, Rac 

  6. hello dear, thanks for sharing such amazing post with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post, i love your review on the ’17 Acura NSX, , i also want to thank you for the hard work you put into bringing these website together, your choice of words and writing skills is really amazing, and the description of each words you shared makes it easier for the readers to form n opinion

    • Thanks for your kind words, Skuchmane. Please do visit us again ☺️

      Cheers, Rac

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