Hot Wheels and Tomica 2016 Honda Civic Type R FK2

How different is it when Hot Wheels and Tomica produced the 2016 Honda Civic Type R FK2?

Here is a side by side comparison of Hot Wheels and Tomica 2016 Honda Civic Type R FK2. Both were produced at a scale of 1:64.


Hot Wheels pack is on the left and Tomica pack is on the right.


At the back of the packs, you can see Hot Wheels is “Made in Malaysia” and Tomica is “Made in Vietnam”.


Hot Wheels has a more detailed printed projector headlights and wipers as well as “Type R” emblem. Tomica has a more obvious honeycomb grille.


Tomica (right) can open its bonnet and show its K20C motor.







From the side views, the obvious differences between the Hot Wheels (left) & Tomica (right) are the side mirrors, the wheels and the B-pillars. Tomica usually has metal B-pillars whereas Hot Wheels usually has plastic B-pillars like the side windows.


Hot Wheels has a more detailed rear lights cluster incorporating third brake light as well as rear license plate frame. Tomica has a black top rear spoiler. Another obvious difference is the material of the rear windshield; one is made from see-through plastic whereas the other is made of metal and painted black.


Tomica bottom view shows some minor details on the front & rear subframes and exhaust system.


Hot Wheels has a simpler bottom view layout.


There goes a simple overview of the differences between Hot Wheels and Tomica production of the 2016 Honda Civic Type R FK2. Enjoy more views of Hot Wheels (left) and Tomica (right) below!


Aerial View


Face-in Quarter View


Face-out Quarter View


Rear Quarter View


Video of Hot Wheels Vs Tomica – Honda Civic Type R Manufacturer Comparison:

Source: Drifter D


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  1. I can still remember having my first toy car as a boy, great memories. The Tomica 2016 Honda civic would make a great addition to ant toy car collection. I understand that they can keep a greater value if they are kept in their original boxes, from a collectors point .I would be interested to see more toy cars in your collection.

    • Hi, Andrew. Thank you for visiting. You are right about the value when it is in a box. We couldn’t help getting them out of the box and play with them. At the same time, we would love to share with everyone what is in the box. We still keep some unopened in the box. We look forward to add more toy car collections in this site. Please do come visit us again as we continuously add the collections. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

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