Hot Wheels Aston Martin – One-77 (Metallic Blue)

One of the finest and exotic supercars ever built with an unparalleled beauty that one should not miss out is Aston Martin One-77. Hot Wheels has already released 12 versions of the Hot Wheels Aston Martin One-77 up to date.


Hot Wheels’ first release of its 1:64 scale Aston Martin One-77 was in 2011 when customers of the real Aston Martin on-the-road version started receiving delivery of their cars. The first Hot Wheels Aston Martin One-77 was gray color under the ‘New Models’ series. There were four versions released in 2012 which were white, metalflake maroon, metalflake gray (with PR5 wheels) and metalflake gray (with RL5SP wheels) under the ‘All Stars’ series. In 2013, there was metalflake champagne for ‘World Race’ series followed by yellow color under ‘HW Exotics’ in the subsequent year. None was released in 2015. Thereafter, Hot Wheels came back with metalflake silver in 2016 (Gran Turismo), pearl red and metallic blue in 2017 (HW Exotics) and metallic green and ZAMAC in 2018 (HW Exotics).


Although the metallic blue Hot Wheels Aston Martin One-77 was released two years ago, it is one of the versions we would love to share here. This striking beauty is still gorgeous to look at even right now 😉


This replica has its own road car’s life story to tell.


The metallic blue concept of the real car was revealed in the March 2009 Geneva Motor Show after Aston Martin One-77’s introduction in 2008 Paris Motor Show. The finished metallic blue car made its official debut at the Concorso d’Eleganza Ville d’Este (Italy) in April 2009. It won the ‘Award for Concept Cars and Prototypes’.


There were only 77 units of Aston Martin One-77 ever produced. Hence, the name ‘One-77’.


Now, let’s have a look at the Hot Wheels 1:64 scale replica which is as close as it can get to the real Aston Martin One-77.


The bonnet has tampo Aston Martin logo which is too small for the naked eyes. There are detailed headlights and four air vents. Silver pin stripes can be seen on the long bonnet and roof of the mini car. The Aston Martin logo resembles the nose with two beautiful headlights resembling the eyes and the grille which makes up the mouth of the HW Aston Martin One-77.


Through the clear windscreen, gray interiors can be seen. The dashboard, steering wheel and car seats are visible.


There is a tampo Hot Wheels logo on the roof in between the silver pin stripes. The short rear sports a mini spoiler outlined with silver pin stripes. On the rear left of the mini One-77 is the fuel lid. The rear parcel shelf can be seen through the clear rear windscreen.


The side views show the front fender vents extended up to the front door. Wheels are chrome 10SP.


Front quarter views from left and right angles.


Rear quarter views from left and right angles


Rear view shows no detailed taillights. Visible here are rear diffusers.


A closer view of the HW Aston Martin One-77 from the rear to front.


The base is made of plastic in black color. It is “Made in Malaysia”. 


We hope you enjoy the beauty of this HW Aston Martin One-77 collection.

Do you have any favorite Aston Martin either Hot Wheels or the Road Car? 

Please do share with us as we would love to hear from you too 🙂


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  1. This is really amazing. This Aston Martin One-77 is simply a hell out of classy car. I never knew the first release scale on Aston Martin was in 2011. As it is said in this post that there were 77 Units on Aston Martin 77-one ever produced. So are you categorically saying that was the reason Aston Matin branded this edition 77-One?

    • Hi, Kehinde. That’s how they named it One-77 instead of 77-One.

      Cheers, Rac

  2. Great Content and InformationThanks for this concise and thorough article. This is the most comprehensive review I have ever read on Hot Wheels Aston Martin – One-77 (Metallic Blue).

    I am just getting to know the secrets behind the name “One-77” which is an eye opener for me. Obviously, the pros of this products outweighs the cons which makes it highly durable.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks Rac, sometime ago, I took my children to a transport museum. We were all looking at various forms of transportation. Many types of cars were there. Then I asked my children what their favourite car was. My son pointed at the Aston – Martin. That was how I got to know about the Aston martin. The metallic blue is cute but I prefer the grey! 

  4. Great article about Aston Martin hot wheels and awesome writeup too. I love  hot wheel series and what I read on your site really shed some good spotlight on things I should be updated about when it comes to Aston Martin one 77. You’ve made a good impression and I think I need to add this to the long list of my “hot wheels”. Thanks for sharing. 

  5. Hi Rac

    Wow, this takes me back. My sons have my cars now.

    Do you have a photo of the full-sized car to put next to it? 🙂

    Since it’s a British car, you may want to use “Bonnet” for the hood and “Boot” for the trunk. 

    I was hoping for a link to be able to buy one. 🙂



    • Hi, Dave. It would be nice that we add a full sized car photo next to it. We can do that 😊 Sounds like good idea to use Bonnet and Boot for British cars. Will look into that as well and get it changed as soon as we can. We have links for some diecasts previously including those in our pick of the week section. We hope to provide more links where you can buy them when they are available.

      Cheers, Rac

  6. Hello,

    I have two boys who love toys. This would be an awesome gift to get them both. The design of this toy cars very impressive and I would love to actually keep this on a shelf.You write a lot about collectible toys, if I were to purchase a lot of toys in bunch, would I get any discounts? Expecting to hear from you.

    • Hi, Louis. We do have requests on some toy collectibles mainly on Hot Wheels, Tomica and Inno. There were discounts for certain items if available in stock or when bought in lots. You can always email your requests to support@thetoycollectiblesparadise.com.

      Cheers, Rac

  7. This article is really interesting hot wheels Aston Martin one 77.i find it so interesting to say all the feature it as a toy car

    The Aston Martin DB9 is great for sports and I don’t know yet many the toy car is available yet because I will like to add it to my son collection of toy cars. But for the main time Alloy Aston  Martin vanquish toy car I seems to like with it two colours and other features 

    • Ajibola40, Hot Wheels has not released any DB9 or Vanquish. However, they have DBS if you may like 😉

  8. Thanks Rac for this interesting post. I’m also a big fan of hot wheels Aston Martin one  77 collectible.my favorite Aston Martin one 77 collector is the  HW exotic 117 collector. Let me give you a little description of it. it is series 5 of 10 type, made in Malaysia and released in 2018. it is made of plastic with a black base color. it has a metallic green color with a wide black stripe on hood and top. The wheel type is chrome Trap5 with 1:64 scale. The interior color is gray with a clear window color.

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