Hot Wheels BMW 3.0 CSL – White Just Like the Winning Race Car

The Hot Wheels ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car was released in 2016 under the BMW 100th Anniversary Series. This white 1:64 scale diecast model replicates the real race car that won in the 1973 European Touring Car Championship (ETCC).


The left side view has the red, dark blue and light blue stripes same as the real winning race car except the stripes end at the rear with a number ’68’. The real race car doesn’t have a number at the rear. However, the right side of the CSL ends with the stripes at the rear same as the real race car. Dark blue number ’68’ can be seen on both sides of the car which is not the same number ’12’ as the one raced in the 1973 ETCC.

There are tampos of ‘Castrol’ and ‘Hot Wheels’. There is no tampo of ‘Dunlop’ that replicates the real race car.

The windows are lightly black tinted and black interiors can be seen through with light shine through.

It is cute to see the two small integrated exhausts protruding from the right side of the HW.

Wheels are chrome and black MC5.


The rear view is very plain with black paint in the middle spanning from left to right.


Four round headlights similar to the winning CSL race car is visible here. The top light blue paint above the windscreen differs from the real race car.


The hood has red, dark blue and light blue stripes which outline the hood. Light blue stripe is dotted with the tampo BMW logo at the nose of the hood. Dark blue number ’68’ can be seen on the bonnet which is not the same number ’12’ as the one raced in the 1973 ETCC. At the rear boot top, there are two race style fuel inlets which can be seen behind the spoiler.


The base of the Hot Wheels BMW 3.0 CSL is made of plastic in white color. It is “Made in Malaysia”.


Last but not least, do you know that Conrad Dublin uses BMW 7 Series PHEV Hybrid to enhance the level of luxury for the hotel’s 5 star experience to its guests? Now, this Conrad Centennial Singapore bear is thinking how about BMW 3.0 CSL for another level of experience? Hmmm…..it does sound like a cool idea 🙂


  1. Your review on the Hot Wheels BMW 3.0 CSL is really lovely, as i love the pictorial beauty and the pictures really buttress more on the features you stated about Hot Wheels BMW 3.0 CSL. This would be a very lovely buy for my kids, as am sure they would really love to use this in their leisure time. Thanks so much for this wonderful review. It has really been helpful.

  2. This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points. This is a lovely toy and I think this is a must for all parents to read in order to purchase for their children. The rear point is the most eye catching section. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks, Ola. Please feel free to browse our other collections as well.

      Cheers, Rac

  3. Nice review on The Hot Wheels ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race,i have been following your review on different toy cars for some times now and I can say you are really doing a good job with your various review. This toy car is the best car for my boy because he his the type that always like feel proud of his toy car.i always hear from him when he tell his friends how his toy car finish first in a race  competition

    • Thanks, Ajibola40. Nice to hear from you again. There are more to come. Please come back again for more varieties.

      Cheers, Rac

  4. Your reviews of toy cars are detailed! Its a very cool toy car collectible…how much do they cost? Where can I get them?

    I was sifting through your websuite because have family who are obsessed with massey Fergusson tractors, being all farmers. coming up soon they have huge tractor runs and tractors of every period comeout of the cracks!Lol!

    So if ever you want to review tot tractor collectibles…lol! Even the little girls want tractors as toys!

  5. Another toy race car to get for my kids. I always love reading your articles because you only talk about toys which are something I and my kids love a lot. I love the toy because of its specs, color, brand, and design and it makes me want it more. I wish to see more toy cars. Thanks

  6. Hey Rac!

    Unexpectedly I went to childhood after reading your wonderful review. BMW 3.0 CSL will capture the mind of any child easily. It’s really like a real car. I would like to buy it for my child next Christmas. Malaysia doing better in the machinery sector so far. Thanks for the wonderful review.


  7. This is such a wonderful and detailed review for the Hot Wheels ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car I must say. I personally I’m in love with  BMWs and seeing a collectible of any of their car makes me wowed . but I’m not just impressed with the real car (Hot Wheels ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car) and I’m yet to discover the reason tho. But I’m kinda impressed with the collectible piece . 

    • Divine13, if you love BMWs, you can also check out our Hot Wheels BMW M4.

      Cheers, Rac

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    This article is about the Hot Wheels BMW3.0 CSL car. If anyone have to know about this car he can read this article. Cause in this article writer told all about this car. He wrote every kind of information of this car in this article. Which are very helpful for those people who have to know about this car. It’s very informative article for people. Thank You for this kind of article.

    • Thank you for your comments, Rony. We will love to hear suggestions too for any information we have not covered. 

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