Hot Wheels BMW M4

Hot Wheels has released this Metalflake Dark Blue BMW M4 in 2017 as a Factory Fresh Series.


Here is the back of the card.


BMW M4 is a high performance version of the 4-series and comes in a powerful twin turbocharged engine, improved suspension & handling and braking system over its M3 predecessor.


The front view shows the detailed tampo headlights and iconic matte black kidney grilles.


And here is the front top view showing the panoramic moonroof, muscular front hood and bumper emblem.


From the side view, the dynamic coupe styling with front fender air vents and muscular rims can be seen. The windows are dark tinted plastic material.


This is the rear view with detailed tampo of rear lights, quad exhaust outlets and emblems.


Panoramic moonroof incorporating shark fin antenna can be seen from the rear top view here.


Rear quarter view. The M4 has wider fenders and bumpers compared to M3.


Black color plastic bottom base is detailed with a pair of rear mufflers, subframe and axles.


Last but not least, the M4 will remain a hugely desirable performance machine for “SHEER DRIVING PLEASURE”.


  1. I looked for a lot of different gifts for my little cousin but nothing stands out but I really liked this car. Also the front view looks quite good and my cousin is kinda obsessed with the front look. I think I will buy this one however can you recommend me another one? So I can compare these two.

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