Hot Wheels Custom ’15 Ford Mustang (Lilac)

Released in 2018 under the HW ‘Then and Now’ series, this Lilac (Purple) Mustang is one of the coolest muscle car.


The front view sports a menacing stare with deep grille opening and aggressive bumper styling.


Front top view. We like the oversize cowl hood and vents with tampo black and white stripes, No. ‘8’ and yellow hood prints. The top is a panoramic glass roof panel and the gray interior can be seen through the non-tinted windows.


Side view. Tampo black and white stripes, No. ‘8’ and HW logo. The wide arches are filled with yellow and black J5 rims.


Nice aggressive rear wing and lower diffusers. It is a pity no tampo detailed rear lights here.


Rear top view showing the panoramic glass roof again.


Rear quarter view.


Here is the base showing the differential and subframes.


This is the fifth HW Custom ’15 Ford Mustang version being released. We are expecting more versions to come in the future. Perhaps a SALEEN version!


Video of Hot Wheels Custom 2015 Ford Mustang *Review*:

Source: Peak Time Racing


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