Hot Wheels Errors a Rare and Valuable Collectible?

Hot Wheels Matt Black 1985 Honda CRX Error

We have recently bought a loose Hot Wheels Matt Black 1985 Honda CRX. When we got home, we noticed there is no green paint on the front right wheel. We informed the seller and he wanted it back. He was more excited to have it back more than we do. We were puzzled. We would have thought no one would want a diecast with an error or imperfection but we thought of trying our luck if there was any chance to return it. We felt happy that he wanted it back and in exchange with a normal without error CRX. Now, after this incident, we google searched about Hot Wheels Errors or Diecast Errors. We have learnt that diecast with errors can be valuable collectibles as well.


Green paint on the front and back left wheels


Without green paint on the front right wheel



What is Diecast Error?

So what is Diecast Error? In summary, Diecast Errors are as follows:

  1. Packaging Errors such as mismatch between the diecast and package name or the diecast was packaged upside down.
  2. Wheel Errors such as missing paint on wheels, incorrect wheels or non-matching wheels.
  3. Missing Parts such as missing headlights, windows, axle, engine, fender etc.
  4. Card Errors such as name misspelled on the card or missing wording / name print on the card.
  5. Tampo Error such as missing tampo print, shredded tampo print or wrong placement/misalignment of tampo print.
  6. Color Errors such as poor or dirty paint or extra paint/smudge.
  7. Extra parts such as additional axle.
  8. Misplaced Errors such as incorrect assembly.
  9. Broken or Cracked parts.

For details, you can find articles from following websites where I have read and summarized as above:

  1. http://hotwheels.wikia.com/wik…
  2. http://kelvinator21.blogspot.m…
  3. https://blog.hobbydb.com/2017/…
  4. http://redkop-kk.blogspot.my/2…



How Valuable are the Hot Wheels Errors?

If you noticed, I have mentioned Diecast Error instead of Hot Wheels Error as I believe it applies to all diecast out there. However, as the subject will be too broad to cover, I will focus on how valuable are Hot Wheels Errors for now.

Out of curiosity, I have searched and thought to share my thoughts on the value put on Hot Wheels with Errors or some calls them as variation / rare collection.


1. Error Carded ** 1996 Hot Wheels BLAZER 4 x 4 = CAMARO

Error Carded 1996 Hot Wheels BLAZER 4 x 4
They are selling at Amazon for the error carded 1996 HW BLAZER 4 x 4 for US$74.95: Error Carded 1996 Hot Wheels BLAZER 4 x 4 = CAMARO


Correct Carded 1996 Hot Wheels BLAZER 4 x 4

For the correct carded 1996 HW BLAZER 4 x 4, they are selling at Amazon for US$9.77 only: 1996 Hot Wheels BLAZER 4 x 4


1995 Hot Wheels Camaro Convertible

For the 1995 HW Camaro Convertible which was packaged with the incorrect card, they are selling at Amazon for US$5.48 only: 1995 Hot Wheels Camaro Convertible

From here, you can see the value of the Error Carded 1996 Hot Wheels BLAZER 4 x 4 is more than 7 times the non-error version of the Hot Wheels.


2. Hot Wheels White Volkswagen Golf GTI Error Wheel Variation

There is a 5-hole wheel in front and 5-Y wheel on the rear of the HW White Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Hot Wheels White Volkswagen Golf GTI Error Wheel Variation

They are selling the HW White Volkswagen Golf GTI Error Wheel Variation for US$25.00 at Amazon: Hot Wheels White Volkswagen Golf GTI Error Wheel Variation


Hot Wheels White Volkswagen Golf GTI without Error Wheel Variation

For the Hot Wheels White Volkswagen Golf GTI without errors, they are selling at Amazon for US$14.17 only: Hot Wheels White Volkswagen Golf GTI without Error Wheel Variation

From here, you can see the value is only 1.7 times more than the non-error version of the Hot Wheels.


3. Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Error No Side Tampo Graphics Die-Cast Set, One Regular, One Error No Graphics

There is no side tampo graphics on the Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Die-Cast Set (One Regular and One Error with No Tampo Graphics)

They are selling the above set of HW Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (One Regular and One Error with No Tampo Graphics) at Amazon for US$17.99: Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT Cup Set of Regular and Error

For the HW Porsche 911 GT3 Cup non-error version, they are selling at Amazon for US$5.98 only: Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Regular)

For the purpose of calculation if we use US$5.98 for the regular version in the set above, the error version is estimated to be sold at US$12.01. Hence, the value of the error version is estimated to be 2 times more than the regular version.



Worthiness to Collect Hot Wheels Error or Variation Collections

In conclusion, if you are a rare collector, I would think it is worth to collect Hot Wheels with errors or variations as they are rare and valuable. Their value is definitely higher than a regular. They are definitely collectibles worth to own and admire as a rare collection. As a normal collector, I used to see error or variation as imperfection and I would avoid it by all means. As I have now gained knowledge of these rare collectible items, I have broadened my mind that they can be a rare gem and one of kind. There is a saying that goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.


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  1. have a 2013 nerve hammer hot wheels. base stamp should be nerve hammer however it states nerve hummer. believe this is the only one. Mattel has not heard of this error for this car. Nothing on the internet. thanks!

    • Hi, Larry. That’s interesting as Mattel should have the same base stamp for all. You may want to send a picture of it for us to post it here in case anyone knows about it.

      Cheers, Rac

  2. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. These Honda crx looks like a real one from afar. Children tense to play with it and this gave them much joy, I bought a toy from a local store in my area but not too long before it stopped working. I would love to order for this to my niece,  Hope this will last for a long time.best regards 

  3. Thanks for writing this article on Hot Wheels Errors a Rare and Valuable Collectible.from my own point of view I don’t think I will ever collect because from my own point of view is an imperfection and it is best to avoid in imperfection because I have experienced it before when I collected a Broken part and I regret ever doing that. 

    • Hi, Afolabi. Agree that we should never get one with a broken part that will make it non functional and invaluable. It will be a heartache. It is only for errors which makes it special that can make it valuable.

      Cheers, Rac

  4. I know very little about Hot Wheels collectibles. I’ve learned a lot from reading your blog though. Very interesting. I suppose that there aren’t too many models out there with imperfections that’s why the cost is so much more. The other models are more readily available. A dime a dozen so to speak. “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder indeed.” Who would have thought an imperfectly made item would be worth more than the one that’s perfectly made. It is incredulous.

    • Cherryl, there is always room for something special out there ☺️

      Cheers, Rac

  5. Hey Rac,

    I have learned a lot by reading your inquired reviews under the title Hot Wheels Errors a Rare and Valuable Collectible. If you did not point out so elaborately then I could not see the mistakes. The review is truly beneficial by a customer. Although the errors mentioned here for a rare collector should be accepted.

    Thank you for the realistic reviews.

    Warm wishes,

  6. After reading your article, i found out that you have discussed in your post about the best hot wheels errors a rare and valuable collectible.This is a toy collectible paradise that you telling about your thoughts on the value put on Hot Wheels with errors or some calls them as  rare collection. I have now gained knowledge of these rare collectible items. Thanks for this post and its really very amazing fact.

  7. I read your article carefully and found out that Hot Wheels Errors is a Rare and Valuable Collectible. Your HW Honda CRX has green paint on the front and back left wheels and without green paint on the front right wheel. An error of missing paint on wheels! Thanks for share the information.

    • Hot Wheels missed out the paint on just one wheel, Wadud1998. Isn’t that rare 😉

      Cheers, Rac

  8. I have a Bugatti Veyron with mismatched wheels. It has a few scratches on it though, do you think it is worth any thing?

  9. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about how this error on Hot Wheels can still be a valuable collectable which is something that’s very eye opening.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative. I love how you mentioned all these error items on sale which have higher value, who would have thought? Thanks for the great read.

    • You’re welcome, Son. There are more out there which I would have hope to add. 

      Cheers, Rac

  10. I have a friend in Florida that is selling the toy collectibles Hot Wheels online via Amazon. He has told me about these errors in diecast collectibles he runs across and he is always happy to find them. He knows that they are a great way to boost his sales price. There are not that many out there, so as you say, and definitely, there is an interest for them with collectors.

    It is good that you have highlighted the fact that these diecast errors have value in the market so more people do not return them when they are lucky enough to receive one or find one. My friend will not be happy, but he will understand. For him, it is all about the numbers (as in profits). Good post!

    • Hi, Dave. Many doesn’t know the value until they learn about it 🙂 like me ☺️

      Cheers, Rac

  11. Thank you for showcasing this. I do not have that much Hot Wheel models, but I never bought a model with some sort of error. At least I was not aware of it. It is good that you pointed out this, because I could almost swear that something like this could never happen to their models.

    Also, it is amazing to me that the actual models/packages with errors are selling and are wanted.

    Thank you for this. It was really informative.


    • Hi, Strahinja. There are various type of collectors. Some likes it regular and some likes it rare 😄 

      Cheers, Rac

  12. Good article, this is really interesting stuff – I had no idea that errors would make the cars more valuable to collectors.  I guess it makes sense though, especially if the company later corrects the error and the flawed version is more rare.

    My young son loves his Hot Wheels cars, but this is making me think that from now on maybe I should buy two of each one that he gets so I can put one away as an investment!

    • Hi, Jordan. There are rare ones such as limited editions but without errors which are good investment as well. 

  13. This is very kind of you to point out that manufacturer errors could be valuable. I’ve heard this once or twice before but I tend to forget and this sort of information is refreshing. I’m sorry to hear that you returned the erroneous Hot Wheel, but at least you know now where to find them and how to look out for them. Thank you for making us aware as well, great post!

  14. Hi Rac,

    Thia is amazing topic you have chosen to share as an article. Good to know about various lovely Hot wheel collections.. I liked the Hot Wheels White Volkswagen Golf GTI Error Wheel Variation most though it is a bit costly.. I bought meny of toy cars but they seldom lasts for long duration. These are looking amazing and I must order them for children. it seems it will be more enjoyable and fun for them. 

    keep sharing more amazing articles that help us to know about our joys..

    • Thanks, Touhidur. We’re constantly adding more fun articles here. Please do visit us again for more fun 😊

      Cheers, Rac

  15. Hi, thank you for share all this info.
    I have an Lamborghini countach from 1986 with the back of the card printed upside down .

  16. I have a 2019 diaper stagger missing the body on frame but has motor what’s it worth?

  17. After reading your article on hot wheel errors. I started to regret ever parting with the ones my brother and I had when we were kids. Who would have ever thought that the same toys we used to play in the dirt with and run over on bikes would be so valuable today. I remember getting them for my son at least once a month and boy I wished I still had them for myself.Great article.

  18. Hi, I am not into collectables but hey this is great information to have for when buying gifts. I do have a nephew who is passionate about cars and would be good to surprise him with a rare and more valuable piece. Your article can guide me on which to choose best as I am not very aware of collectable cars available out there. Thank you for the details. 

  19. It has been a long time since I visited your website in search for a cool car collectable, my interaction with this post made me happy understand that little errors are the production stage doesn’t make Honda CRX less valuable. Thanks for pointing out the errors, it helps people make a choice but I will definitely love to add this to my kids toy selections.

    • Hi, SeunJeremiah. There are still many who are not aware of the value of these errors. Hence, some do not take notice of the errors as well. 

      Cheers, Rac

  20. Hi, I have a 2001 edition Mini Cooper on a 2002 Nissan Z card that I can’t find listed anywhere. I was hoping you may be able to tell me something about it.

    • Hi, Jim. The difference is too obvious. You may want to check if the packaging is real or fake. There are people who does fake packaging nowadays to earn more.

      Cheers, Rac

  21. Hello, i have the 2019 tv series batmobile missing the flames on the side, the hot wheels logo on the side, the bat symbol on the door, and the red stripe down the side. I looked on ebay and the only one sold (so far) was with the tv series batmobile that has all the tampos and with its error missing the same exact tampos on the side as mine. It sold for $99.00. Is that a price to go by? Or reasonable price? Its the only oruce guide i have to go by

  22. I just bought 2 hotwheels cars from Walmart. But the car itself is a Matchbox car inside a hotwheels packaging. Never been opened. Is this common.

    • Hi, Jason. It is absolutely rare! Have not heard or seen it before. It would be great if you could show a photo 🙂

      Cheers, Rac

  23. I just bought 2 hotwheels cars from Walmart. Problem is they have matchbox cars inside. Package never been opened. Is there any value to this or just a factory error.

    • Jason, it is difficult to assess the value of it. However, if it is authentic, then there is a value to it. Note that there are many customized packaging out there which resembles factory error.

      Cheers, Rac

  24. I picked up the 50th anniversary hotwheels and one had no front axle or tires …. looked and couldn’t find any others online.

    • Hi, Sean. Did you get from the store or collector? If you get it from the store, it is likely factory error. If it is from collector, there are customized packaging out there that you might want to check if it is authentic or factory error.

      Cheers, Rac

  25. i bough a Knight Rider Car in a BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Package..Is That Rare and if so is it worth anything

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