Hot Wheels Errors – Acura NSX

There are many types of Hot Wheels Errors found by lucky collectors. Over time, these so called factory errors during the manufacturing process not detected by the QC (Quality Control) can be pricey and valuable due to rarities.


What we have here is race Acura NSX released in 2013 under the HW Racing Thrill Racers series. The body color is Dark Red Metallic.


Let’s have a closer look here. It can be seen here that there is a front wheel error. The rims are supposedly yellow and black PR5 but the fronts are wrongly Chrome WSP.


This is the rear right quarter view with dual chrome rectangular exhaust outlets, GT race style rear spoiler, and see thru rear window with air snorkel on top feeding the V6 motor underneath. The side has distinctive tampo racing yellow-white stripes.


The front has vented bonnet for aerodynamic purpose rather than for cooling purpose since the motor is at the back. Nice tampo Acura emblem dotted the nose of the bonnet. Racing stripes can be seen drawn from the bonnet until the roof line. The non-popup headlights are tampoed black. The interior is chrome and windows are clear non-tinted all round.


This is the back of the blister pack. It is ‘Made in Malaysia’ by Mattel factory located in Penang.


For more types of Hot Wheels Error, you may like to have some fun read here at Hot Wheels Wiki Error Guide: Hot Wheels Wiki Error Guide

Do you have any Hot Wheels with Errors? We would love to hear from you 🙂


  1. An interesting article there on hot wheels errors also on Acura NSX in  which the front  wheel of the toy car is colour white instant of colour yellow. I must say this is not the first time this is happening.

    sometimes you will buy a toy car in which you expect to see a big wheels with the car but you will discover it come in small wheels that is not attractive and some it can be a large wheel instead of a small wheel.

    also two different wheel rim styles on a car and so on 

    • You are right, Ajibola40. It is not the first time it has happened. It is rare as well as Hot Wheels has Quality Control in place. 

  2. Wow, your article briefly describes everything about this product. I found it really interesting and I think my niece would very much enjoy playing with this hot wheels. Do you have any links under which I could buy these Hot Wheels for a reasonable price? If so, do you mind posting your link. I will try and recommend this to others as well cause this seems like ton of fun.

  3. Thank you for the article on Hot Wheels Errors. I love this post Having been a collector of hot wheels myself over the years. this brings back memories of looking through all the hot wheel at a store to try and find the one that everyone is looking for. Errors can be worth a lot of money I will make sure to keep a look out for this one Thank for the informative post.

    • Glad this post brings back memories, Geoffrey. Errors definitely has its worth. You are welcome to check out more of our other posts as well.

      Cheers, Rac

  4. I don’t own any Hot Wheels Error collectibles but I have a cousin who is an avid collector. He is so proud of his collection and has a small shrine-like transparent cupboard where he displays in in the living room. 

    Some of his have the axle installed backward on the base,a lot them has had the wheels mismatched and one other one has mismatched colors. Together on the shelf they look good, maybe he would make some money out of them one day. If I could lay my hands on the Acura NSX now,will make the perfect gift for Danny. I’m sure he would love love love it.

  5. Thanks Rac for taking the time to write this post. With hot wheel errors kids and even teens can have great time and make some money from the rarity with these toys. Kids can make lot of collectibles from all these imperfection from manufacturers. Like you rightly mentioned most of these hot wheel errors are from misapplication of tampo, and mismatched wheel. The 2103 race acura NSX indeed has a front wheel error that wasn’t detected by the Quality Control during production. The error type, rarity and mistake in this hot wheel acura NSK all contribute to its value.Great piece

  6. Thanks for this informative post,  I haven’t really noticed the errors made in this Acura nsx until I came across this post searching for a good toy for my little one and it happens to be that he wants this particular car so bad. despite the fact that it has some error on the front wheel, what is so special about this toy car that kids love so much?

  7. Hi! I really found this interesting. Thank you for calling our attention to these errors in the Acura NSX.

    I’m still scratching my head how could the Quality Control team let this pass. The rims yellow and black PR5 and the fronts are wrongly Chrome WSP. 

    Do you know where can I purchase one of these Acura NSX with rims yellow and black PR5 and Chrome WSP?

    • Hi, Henry. It’s very rare to have these errors. You’re lucky if you can find one. Good luck 😉 

  8. Hi Rac

    I have read your whole article about hot wheels errors.This is a nice article.You pick up the defective aspects of a car which is Acura NSX released in 2013 under the HW Racing Thrill Racers series.You have highlighted some of the flawless aspects of the car this will be very much helpful.I have enjoyed your article to read it and I have no any hot wheels with errors.I will share your article.Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

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