Hot Wheels Ford Escort – ’70 Ford Escort RS1600 (Red)

The red version of the Hot Wheels Ford Escort was released in 2016 under the HW Speed Graphics series. The real size versions of Ford Escort RS1600 is a desirable collector car due to its success in rallying.

There is tampo of green and white stripes on the bonnet / hood of the HW Ford Escort, with white ‘Castrol’ logo running across the vertical stripes. White number ’12’ tampo appears diagonally at the side of the stripes. The fog/spot light lamps are plastic in translucent black. The interiors are totally chrome.


Vertical green and white stripes appear on the boot as well.


On the left and right side of the HW Ford Escort, there is a big green stripe in between two thin white stripes spanning from the rear to the front. There are also tampos of ‘Castrol’, number ’12’ and Ford logo. The windows are lightly black tinted. Wheels are white 5SP.


Front quarter views from left and right angles.


Rear quarter views from left and right angles.


The rear is quite plain. There are no detailed taillights or number plate. The bumper is chrome.


More close up views of the interiors, which are totally chrome, can be seen here.


Chrome rear parcel shelf can be seen through the rear windscreen.


The base is made of plastic and is ‘Made in Malaysia’.


Now, who will escort who? Doggies escort the Ford RS1600 or Ford Escort doggies to the race? 🙂

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