Hot Wheels Ford Fiesta – ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn)

The latest Hot Wheels ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn) has been released. It is released under the 2018 Checkmate series. For those playing Chess, we can probably now use Hot Wheels as a Chess piece. What a brilliant idea 😉

The Hot Wheels 2018 Checkmate series is provided in list below according to Chess pieces:

  1. King: King Kuda
  2. Queen: Velocita
  3. Knight: ’07 Ford Mustang
  4. Bishop: Cloak and Dagger
  5. Rook: Fandango
  6. Pawn: Fast 4WD, Audacious, Volkswagen Beetle and ’12 Ford Fiesta

The main reason I bought this Pawn piece is to add to my current collection of ’12 Ford Fiesta. I did not realize it could be a Chess piece collection until I have found out the other Checkmate collections in the list above. The three Fiestas that I have are the same in structure. The differences between the three are only the colors, Tampos and rims.


Collection of ’12 Ford Fiesta


HW ’12 Ford Fiesta in its Packaging (Front and Back of Package)


Aerial Side View of the HW ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn)


Right Side View of the HW ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn)


Left Side View of the HW ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn)


Front View of the HW ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn)


Rear View of the HW ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn)


Aerial View of the HW ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn)


Bottom View of the HW ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn)


I have found another site which has a good article on the other Checkmate collection which is ’07 Ford Mustang (Knight). I have not seen this particular collection in store here yet but it does look like a nice piece to check out. You can have a good read here on the HW ’07 Ford Mustang (Knight): Checkmate ’07 Ford Mustang (Orange Track Diecast)

It will be fun to see how the HW Checkmate Series goes on a real Chess Game. So far, the ’12 Ford Fiesta and ’07 Ford Mustang are in black variant. I wonder if Hot Wheels will come out with a white variant to complete the Chess Game. Guess I will just have to wait and see what other ingenious ideas are coming out from Hot Wheels!


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  1. An interesting choice of niche. My son loves hot wheels and has a good collection. Your use of photos with descriptions is really helpful. My son could probably rll them all of without even looking at the title! Thank you for an interesting piece of hot wheels info. I will be showing my son your website.

    • Thank you for visiting our site.  I do hope your son will enjoy the site as well.  We are constantly updating the site so you can always come back and check out the latest. Have a nice day 🙂

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