Hot Wheels Ford Fiesta – ’12 Ford Fiesta (Road Rally – Green)

During this Covid-19 Pandemic, there has been a lot of creative ideas flowing all over the world to cope with current situation. One of those ideas that caught our attention is a smart idea by Ford using its Smart Vehicle Technology to sanitize police vehicles when the officers are not inside their vehicles while they are on the job. It is very interesting to learn the sanitizing mechanism used by Ford and you can read more over here: Ford’s Smart Technology Can Sanitize Police Vehicles Within 15 Minutes


As we finished our read on Ford’s latest sanitizing vehicle technology, we thought of putting up a post on Hot Wheels Ford Fiesta with the current craze of Ford Fiesta being electrified now after 44 years of using internal combustion engines only.


Way back to two years ago, we had posted two articles on Hot Wheels Ford Fiesta which can still be found here:

Hot Wheels Ford Fiesta – ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn – White)

Hot Wheels Ford Fiesta – ’12 Ford Fiesta (Pawn)


We are excited to share with you this time the Hot Wheels ’12 Ford Fiesta which was released in 2015 under the Hot Wheels Off-Road – Road Rally Series. The green paint on this Hot Wheels ’12 Ford Fiesta brings alive the freshness of this 1:64 scale mini toy car all year round. No one should ever get tired with this bright, refreshing color.

Its front headlights are made of clear plastic. The front bumper is made of blue plastic material joined with the base. There is a Ford logo, Hot Wheels logo and Fiesta tampo on the bonnet.


Blue honeycomb tampo decorates the top of the roof. There is also blue and white stripes tampo making stripy lines from the roof all the way to the bonnet. A white ‘HWGRFX’ tampo makes headlines above the front windshield. Through the clear windshield, black dashboard and steering wheel can be seen.


On the sides of the HW ’12 Ford Fiesta, race deco with blue & red honeycomb and number ’21’ tampo takes it space all over the doors. The blue plastic base makes it look like being a part of the side skirt of HW Ford Fiesta.


Love the mirror image of this car!


We tried to zoom closer for a better peek into the interior.


Here is the front left quarter view. The blue PR5 wheels surely add the sporty look to the car.


Now, we can get a better glimpse into the interior. The blue bucket seats are more visible over here.


The front right quarter view is equally eye-catching!


The interior image is getting clearer than ever …


Can you see the steering wheel from here?


From the rear left and right quarter views, blue rear diffusers stand out way more than anything at the rear. This is due to the plain simple rear with no detailed headlights or number plate tampo.

Notice the nice flare fenders like super real WRC rally car!



Not sure if you can see through the rear window but there is a roll cage built in there. For added downforce, there is an oversized downforce rear spoiler.


The base is made of blue plastic. This Hot Wheels ’12 Ford Fiesta is ‘Made in Malaysia’.


As we come to the end of this post, here is a total of six (6) HW Ford Fiesta collections we have so far.


We hope to come back with more …. Meanwhile, the six (6) HW ’12 Ford Fiestas are happy to gather and catch up now.


Please do stay tuned for more!


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