Hot Wheels Ford Focus – ’08 Ford Focus

The Hot Wheels ’08 Ford Focus was released in 2015. It was sold in a 5-Pack Graffiti Rides Series which included four other Hot Wheels namely the Rocket Box, ’72 Ford Ranchero, Power Panel and HW Rapid Responder. We bought the 5-Pack just so that we were able to own this Hot Wheels Ford Focus. It was probably the striking purple color and the colorful graffiti on it that attracted us.

This WRC style Hot Wheels Ford Focus is based on a heavily modified road-going car. 

The front does not have any tampo or Ford logo. There are no detailed headlights. The front grille is rectangular with side bumper fins. There is a black splitter below the bumper. The center bumper also sports a big opening for the intercooler kit.


Here is the top view whereby six air vents are visible. There is a sporty spoiler at the rear. Through the tinted front windscreen and sunroof, the dashboard, steering wheel and car seats can be seen strikingly red.


Red, orange, yellow and black graffiti decorates the doors together with a little splatter of white and Hot Wheels tampo. Wheels are yellow 10SP. Car seats can also be seen through side views. It is one of the few castings whereby we can see interiors so clearly from all angles.


Front quarter views from left and right angles.


Rear quarter views from left and right angles.


No detailed taillights at the rear as well. The rear has a big WRC rally style spoiler for downforce. The spoiler helps to add the sporty look. Visible here are rear diffusers.


Over here is another view of the interior from the rear quarter side of the car. Red rear parcel shelf can clearly be seen here. It is one of the few castings by Hot Wheels whereby we can see the interior so clearly from all angles. Notice the oversize wheel arches!


The base is black plastic and is ‘Made in Malaysia’. ’08 Ford Focus is printed here clearly as well.


The sporty youthful color of this Hot Wheels Ford Focus certainly makes it a charm. Now that all is well, HW ’08 Ford Focus is ready to go for a ride. See you around!


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  2. I will like to commend you for taking out time to write about Hot Wheels Ford Focus – ’08 Ford Focus. And it makes me want to buy my ride. But I will like to know the country that is responsible for the production of Hot Wheels Ford Focus – ’08 Ford Focus

  3. Thanks for this interesting article, The’08 Ford Focus is a Hot Wheels casting based on a racing version of the Ford Focus, debuting in the 2008 New Models, Its time to add these Hot Wheels 2008 Ford Focus to my cars collection. I feel very happy coming across this website all time as it gives me ideas of great cars collectables. Good job!

    • We are constantly adding more collectables, Seun. Hope you continue to have great fun here ☺️

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