Hot Wheels Ford GT – Any Favorite Ford Sports Cars GT?

Hot Wheels had released various Ford GTs diecast from Ford GT LM (2005-2006), Ford GT-40, Ford GTX-1, Ford GT-90, Ford J-Car, 2016 Ford GT Race to ’17 Ford GT models.

 If you have missed the article on HW 2016 Ford GT Race, you can find it here: Hot Wheels 2016 Ford GT Race

 In 2016, Hot Wheels had released three colors which were Metalflake Blue, Spectraframe Blue and Metalflake Dark Blue. In the following year, there were Metalflake Silver and Yellow. This year, there were Blue and Red. You can view them here for an overview of how they look like: Hot Wheels Wikia ’17 Ford GT


My favorite is the Metalflake Silver ’17 Ford GT which was released last year under the Hot Wheels Nightburnerz Series.


The hood has tampo Ford logo. There is the back-sweeping detailed headlights and a pair of big hood scoops on the front which makes it look menacing. Two black stripes runs in between the two hood scoops and dotted with the Ford logo. The Ford logo resembles the nose with two beautiful headlights resembling the eyes and the grille which makes up the mouth of the HW ’17 Ford GT 😉


Two black stripes runs through from the front all the way to the rear of the car. Dashboard and steering wheel can be seen through the black tinted windscreen. Wipers are visible too.


From the rear view window, there is the mimic mini version of mid-mounted twin turbo EcoBoost V6 powerplant. The interiors are gray.


The side views show the signature “flying buttress” wings that curved down from the rear roofline to the back wheels for aerodynamic function. Wheels are black PR5.


Front quarter views from left and right angles.


Rear quarter views from right and left angles.



Rear view.


No detailed taillights. It would have been nice if there is a red paint which makes the halo taillights to look as close to the real thing. Visible here are rear diffusers and dual exhaust pipes.


The base is made of plastic in dark gray color. It is “Made in Malaysia”.


We hope you have fun with this article on HW ’17 Ford GT collection.

For so many of the Hot Wheels Ford GTs, do you have any favorite Ford Sports Cars GT released by Hot Wheels?

If you do, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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  1. Hello Rac – I remember growing up and collecting toy cars (among other things) and how refreshing to see that this art still exists! Thanks so much for sharing about the Metalflake Silver ’17 Ford GT. Very sharp and sporty look. I appreciate all the pictures you shared to get the full details of the car from all angles. 

    I noticed on the bottom of the toy car, it said “Made in Malaysia” Where do you find that most of these toy cars are made? Also curious what is your favorite color toy car? 

    This was such a FUN read. Looking forward to seeing whats coming next! 🙂

    • Hi, LT Turner Jr. Most of these Hot Wheels are made in Malaysia and Thailand. There are also some of these made in Indonesia and China. My favourite color is pink but for this Ford GT I like it in Metalflake Silver 😊

      Stay tuned for more!

      Cheers, Rac

  2. This was a great article.  My grandson has about 400 hot wheel cars that he has collected over the past couple of years.  Now I know there are a lot bigger collections out there but for a 7 year old i think 400 is pretty cool.

    Now I just want to go in and look for the ones you talk about in the article.  I also hear there are some pretty pricey Hot Wheels out there.  Any clue as to what those are?

    I look forward to hearing your answer.

    • Hi, Dale. 400 is already a big collection for 7 year old. I can imagine his room growing with Hot Wheels 🙂 Pricey Hot Wheels are those limited, hard to find and detailing of the diecast. For example, the Treasure Hunt and Boulevard Hot Wheels.  

      Cheers, Rac

  3. It is quite amazing to see the level of detail for this car, but it is no surprise for hot wheels. I think that they have done a great job with the overall shape and color scheme. In regards to the tail lights I am sure you could paint them red yourself if you wanted to. 

    I have seen a few collectible items where a color was missed. I can appreciate not modifying the original product to help it retain more authentic value but I have seen a lot of collectors take matters into their own hands and repaint a good job and make it look absolutely brilliant. Most collectors have a superior eye for detail so the “small problems” tend to bug them a lot! 

    All in all a beautiful car in real life as well as in toy form!

    • Hi, Renton. Yes, there some collectors who added paints themselves. There are still a lot of collectors who love authenticity maintained from factory too. The level of details from factory will definitely attract buyers.  

      Cheers, Rac

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