Hot Wheels Ford Truck – ’17 Ford F-150 Raptor a Tough Truck?

Do you know that there were already seven (7) releases of Hot Wheels ’17 Ford F-150 Raptor 1:64 scale versions. These HW mini “built Ford tough trucks” were all released under the HW Hot Trucks version. The first versions came out in 2016 in two colors which were Metalflake Dark Blue and Metalflake Gray. In 2017, there were Metalflake Dark Red and White. This year, there are White, Yellow and Black.

We have here is the 2017 version of the White color.

There are no detailed headlights on the front. Steel embossed “Ford” stands out in front of the grille. It seems Hot Wheels is trying to mimic the undercarriage cover in Dark Gray but this part makes the HW Ford Raptor looks less matched to the real life version.


Black hood vent grille with white hood vent grille trim is joined to the black tinted windscreen. The interior is black and can barely be seen through the black tinted windows and windscreen. There is a sunroof above the front seats.


The sides have tampos ‘RAPTOR’ and “NITTO”. There is a “Ford” logo on the front door and “Hot WHeels” logo near the rear. “F150” tampo above the “Hot Wheels” logo can be seen with the use of magnifying class. Matching black, white and green stripes decorates the front door right through the rear of the HW F-150 Raptor.

The fenders are black and made of plastic. The front fenders are neatly joined together with the side steps.

Wheels are Dark Gray BLOR (Beadlock Off-Road).


Front quarter views from right and left angles.


Rear quarter views from right and left angles.


No tampo taillights. Steel embossed “Ford” is visible, spanning the tailgate width between the taillights.


Base is made of plastic in black color. It is “Made in Malaysia”.


HW Ford F-150 Raptor is ready to go for a ride. Let’s see if it is built as tough as it looks 😉


Video of 2017 Hot Wheels F Case #129 ’17 Ford F-150 Raptor:

Source:  Hallsguide Diecast News


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  1. My granddaughter loves hot wheels cars, trucks and specialty vehicles! When I tell people I am buying hot wheels they ask how old my son is? I laugh and tell them the cars or trucks are for my granddaughter. She loves playing with them. One of her favorites is the Ford Raptor. She has a blue one. She wishes they came in pink, though! 

    Do you know if Hot Wheels makes a pink vehicle model? My granddaughter would love that!

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