Hot Wheels Holiday Hot Rods – Honda Civic (EP3)

Holiday Hot Rods is a series of HW exclusive diecast models in celebration of holiday season.


We were lucky to buy this last unit of Holiday Hot Rods series, a Honda Civic (EP3) at a local store in 2014. For those who are unaware, the real EP3 is the first Civic Type R hatchback manufactured in UK.


The 2014 Holiday Hot Rods series consists of 8 models. They are the ’70 Dodge Charger R/T, ’10 Pro Stock Camaro, Custom ’53 Chevy, Honda Civic, Nissan Titan, Volkswagen Golf, Hot Tub and Draggin’ Wagon.


We have been keeping this carded EP3 in store for years. It is only recently that we realized the rear plastic windows are a bit misaligned from factory production in Thailand.


Here is another look from the unopened blister card.


We are pleased to remove this Metalflake Red Civic EP3 from its card to show readers …


Front view with ‘No. 14’ tampo and white, black & gold stripes on the hood. The real car on the road has a legendary rev screaming K20 DOHC i-VTEC inside.


Front top view with “Holiday 2014′ tampo on the roof.


Side view with the 5-spoke gold rims and side tampos. Look at the misaligned rear plastic windows. Hot Wheels has only released 4 versions of the EP3 before this model.


Rear sexy butt view. The rear light clusters should have been factory painted for a nicer touch.


Rear top view …


Rear quarter view. The interior is white.


Black bottom base shows the axles, link bars, exhaust system, fuel tank, etc.


OMG! A closer look reveals a poor paint spraying at the bottom side of the rear roof spoiler …


The front end bottom side also shows a poorly done paint spraying.


Sadly, the 70th Anniversary Honda Series did not have this EP3 as part of the pack. We do hope Hot Wheels will release more EP3 versions in the future.


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  1. I don’t know a whole lot about cars. But that tiny little car is adorable! I didn’t even know hot wheels had collectible holiday hot rods. I love how you included a picture from literately every angle. It’s a really pretty color too. My eight year old nephew would love this little Hot Wheels Holiday Hot Rods- Honda Civic.

    • Hi Christina, Hot Wheels diecasts are great collectibles to both children and adults. There are many models/versions of Holiday Hot Rods besides the Honda Civic. Hopefully this year there will be more to come for Christmas.

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